Dekton Nacre


Dekton – Nacre

SLAB SIZE: 3230mm x 1450mm


SERIES: Kraftizen


Nacre is a beautiful surface that is perfectly matched to a modern design. The cream colour ranges from fine micro cement to lime plastering and is characterised by subtle details. The degraded texture also gives a high sensory value. Because of the detailing, you are able to use this certain stone with a wide range of colours and tones.

A stunning match for any kitchen looking for a cream surface.

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Why should you choose Dekton?

Dekton is Cosentino’s innovative ultra-compact surface, a technological material composed of a blend of raw materials, porcelain, and glass. This material benefits from strength and versatility, perfect for home applications and larger projects.

The Dekton surface offers outstanding technical properties, high performance and plenty of distinctive colours and textures, each one perfect for outdoor and indoor use. Because of this, it makes it possible to create spaces with different applications to match and play off each other.

Kraftizen collection

A series of five versatile, beautiful and honest colours that are also durable and resistant, suited to all types of homes. Each one comes alive through the textures and surfaces giving a perfect stone that can be used to clad floors, walls, tables, countertops and any timeless space that inspires.