Encourage your Children to love Cooking in the Kitchen Space

Posted by Beth Woods on 8th April 2020

With us and many countries in lockdown due to the COVID-19 spread and the Easter holidays are here, get the children to love cooking as much as you do, in your child-friendly kitchen. We are staying in more than ever now so in this blog, we will look at ways to introduce child-friendly ideas into […]

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Clean your Kitchen in a Quick and Safe Way this Spring

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 30th March 2020

More so than ever we have to make sure our home and hands are clean due to the spread of COVID-19. The Coronavirus is affecting many thousands of people in the UK and we are being told to self-isolate at home. In this blog, we have come up with some useful speed cleaning tips to […]

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Sultry and Mysterious Black Quartz Worktops

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 26th March 2020

Black quartz worktops are probably the first thing you start looking into when searching for the perfect countertop. The colour black is most popular in fashion, electronics, cars, home cinema and much more. Quartz is a very well known and popular style of material. Black is a very versatile colour, working with literally any wall, […]

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Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 24th March 2020

Updated 24/03/20 Thank you for visiting our website and taking an interest in our products and service. “We must regretfully advise you that we have closed our doors today and will review the situation again in 3 weeks’ time.” Following the Prime Ministers instructions last night that everyone must stay at home for the next […]

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Use a Trivet or Saver to Protect your Worktops

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 19th March 2020

When you have just purchased your perfect worktops you want to protect them from cooling down tasty bakes and hot pots and pans. A simple kitchen accessory such as a trivet or a worktop saver can become the most used accessory in the household. Do you love hosting a classy dinner party with your family […]

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Sleek and Stylish Grey Quartz Worktops

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 13th March 2020

Grey quartz worktops combine a chic on-trend colour with a durable solid material adding a premium finish to the kitchen. Grey is certainly a versatile choice that complements a variety of colours and interior styles. This colour worktop has really taken off in the last decade, seeing a steady increase of people looking for a […]

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All you need to know about Kitchen Dimensions

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 5th March 2020

Are you starting a kitchen renovation project this year? There are many things to think about, style and colour and functionality and storage. The key kitchen dimensions are the worktop height, breakfast bar/island height and the appliance width. It will help you to start thinking about the space available for the units and the layout […]

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Our Favourite Movie Kitchens

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 27th February 2020

Watching our favourite movies on the big screen lets our imaginations run wild for home interior. Many people love to get their inspirations from movies, especially a Nancy Meyers movie. Nancy is well known for producing such beautiful kitchens in films. Let’s look through the movie kitchens that are spectacular and have stolen our hearts. […]

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A New Kitchen can mean a Healthier Lifestyle

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 19th February 2020

The start of 2020 has seen many people become Vegan and eating more fruit and vegetables (plant-based). Healthier lifestyles are becoming the norm every day with the perfect body on some peoples minds, diets, healthy eating and going to the gym. Revamping the kitchen can be the first step in cleaning up your diet and […]

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Splashback Statements in the Kitchen

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 12th February 2020

Splashbacks in the kitchen are no longer there to just protect the walls from spills and splatters but to create a great focal point within the hub of the home. They are a great way of incorporating design and colour into the space. The worktops are one of the first elements of the kitchen to […]

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