Have you got a Small Kitchen? Make it appear bigger with these Top Tips

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 17th January 2020

Many of us do not have the advantage of owning a large kitchen but with these helpful tips on maximising a small kitchen, they will transform your small space into a place that is easy to socialise and the perfect retreat to help with all your daily tasks. Read on to find out more on […]

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Choosing the Best Flooring in your Hub of the Home

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 10th January 2020

Flooring is one of the most important elements of a kitchen. It has a pretty tough job, through traffic, spillages, muddy feet and paw prints. You want your floor to look fresh and stylish, so the right material for your space and lifestyle is crucial. Everyone has different views and opinions when it comes to […]

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Creating the Best Task Lighting for your Kitchen

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 3rd January 2020

Task lighting provides the kitchen with the brightest lights of them all. These types of lights target the main areas such as the worktops, cooker and sink. Task lights are really important to a kitchen space as it enables us to do the necessary chores, without a shadow-free working environment. In this blog, we will […]

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Creating a Barista’s Dream Kitchen

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 23rd December 2019

The kitchen is the perfect place to create a barista’s dream. You can wake up from that perfect night’s sleep and walk straight into your own coffee shop. Many homeowners are updating their kitchens into a modern and functional hub of the home with a special place just for the coffee machine creating the ultimate […]

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The Must-Have Kitchen Wish List

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 16th December 2019

In this blog, we will show you the six items that will complete your kitchen and make you be the envy of all your guests. According to research Brits will spend almost £4000 a year on kitchen updates. This can range from appliances to the finishing touches. There are so many latest trends that come […]

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Create a U-Shaped Layout to Free up Floor Space

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 12th December 2019

A U-shaped kitchen layout uses up all the available space in your kitchen, creating lots of beautiful worktop space too. If you are undecided on the layout that you are going to build into your kitchen and there’s a lot of wasted space, a U-shaped design is the perfect one! This type of kitchen design […]

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Get More Worktop Space with an L-Shaped Kitchen

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 5th December 2019

L-shaped kitchens are practical, concise and best of all they look great! They are an ideal kitchen layout for a budding chef with everything you want at hand. An L-shaped design is where two adjoining walls meet in the corner forming an “L” connected with worktops. They allow for more floor space more than a […]

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The Kitchen Island – A perfect additional feature

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 28th November 2019

The kitchen island is proving to be a very popular kitchen staple that many homeowners cannot live without. They are the perfect addition to add extra functionality and storage, as well as extending the worktop. Open-plan spaces have become dependant on these too because of their features and how they divide up the room. History […]

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Creating Pet-Friendly Kitchens in our Home

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 21st November 2019

Many people around the world have pets, they become part of the family and love to be around you. They are important to many of us and we want to keep them safe within our homes, as well as keeping the kitchen as clean as it can be. In this blog, we will show you […]

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Creating a Breakfast Bar in the Kitchen

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 15th November 2019

There are many reasons why a breakfast bar should be thought about. They make for the ideal place for breakfast as well as an informal meal. They are also great for many other things such as a brilliant seating area for eating a quick meal and bringing family and friends together over a glass of […]

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