Cambria Nevern™ (UK)


SLAB SIZE: 3350 x 1660mm

AVAILABLE FINISHES: High Gloss | Cambria Matte

SERIES : Waterstone Collection


The juncture of land and water always provides striking contrasts and blended harmonies. Nevern is inspired by such a place?and features a compelling palette of creamy taupes and browns, wisps of berry, and a subtle silver shimmer that flow together?beautifully.

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Cambria is a family-owned, American-made producer of natural and engineered stone surfaces. Cambria is a stain resistant, non-porous quartz surface which is harder, stronger, safer and easier to care for than other stone surfaces. They are completely maintenance free.

Quartz is one of the most common and hardest minerals on Earth and only the clearest white crystals are used to add dimension and make a clear difference.

Cambria has a flexural strength of 6,800 psi which makes it twice as strong as Granite and more than three times stronger than natural Marble.

Large Jumbo slab sizes
Non-porous and rated to NSF standards as a food preparation surface
Clean with regular detergents
No sealing or waxing
Heat resistant

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