Compac Ice Max Black

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Compac Ice Max Black

SLAB SIZE: 3300 x 1630mm


SERIES: Quartz Collection


Ice of GENESIS is the beginning of everything, the origin of nature and of matter. The origin of an idea, and a creative process that seeks to change the status quo of surface coverings. This is Compac’s most ambitious collection that offers a series of surfaces in which technology, design and art are fused together to create something that has never been seen before. Collaborated with artist Arik Levy who has a truly disruptive and transgressive mind who can see beyond.

The Compac Ice Max Black is a black background featuring a large area of white veins and cloudy patterns, perfect to create a feature in the home.

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Compac is one of the largest quartz manufacturers based out of Spain since 1975. They have manufacturing facilities in over 5 continents and carry huge volumes of stock. Compac is a surface made with up to 95% quartz and a blend of pigments and polymer resins that result in a very practical quartz surface, highly resistant to scratching, staining and heat. The surface is 99.99% non-porous and does not require sealing.

Two slab sizes are available including jumbo slabs
Non-porous & easy to maintain
Clean with regular detergents
No sealing or waxing
Heat resistant
Scratch resistant

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