CRL Quartz Quartz Reflection

CRL Quartz Quartz Reflection

SLAB SIZE: 1600mm x 3200mm



The mirror chip on this popular white quartz surface draws the eye when it catches the light, adding interest to any space while blending seamlessly into its environment. Quartz Reflection brings a sense of glamour to its surroundings with a polished finish. Available in 20mm and 30mm thickness.

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CRL Stone has developed a range of beautiful, engineered stone surfaces including their popular CRL Quartz range which we are featuring here. You can be certain that with CRL Stone’s 20 plus years of experience in the stone industry, their products are of exceptional quality and offered with a 25 year warranty.

CRL Quartz is scratch, heat and stain resistant. The surface never needs to be sealed unlike it’s natural counterparts such as Marble or Granite. The extra large format slabs are ideal for large projects and make it easy to incorporate into any design.

Large Jumbo slab sizes available in selected colours
Non-porous & easy to maintain
Clean with regular detergents
No sealing or waxing
Heat resistant
Scratch resistant

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