Technistone Noble Imperial Grey

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Technistone Noble Imperial Grey

SLAB SIZE: 3060mm x 1440mm

AVAILABLE FINISHES: Polished | Ardesia Polished



The Technistone Noble Imperial Grey is a grey quartz with delicate white veins running through the stone. It is from the Noble Collection and offers nature into any interior space. The surface is highly practical and is available in 20mm and 30mm thicknesses.



Technistone has a 20 year history of producing highly durable, reliable and exclusive kitchen countertops. Technistone can also be used in bathrooms. The original Italian BretonStone technology was installed and used since 1991 at their manufacturing facility in the Czech Republic.

Technistone Quartz is a surface made using the patented BRETON technology, with over 90% crushed quartz, mirrors, glass and granite and the further >10% is a blend of pigments and polymer resins that result in a very practical quartz surface, highly resistant to scratching, staining and heat. The surface is 99.99% non-porous and does not require sealing.

Large Jumbo slab sizes available in selected colours
Non-porous & easy to maintain
Clean with regular detergents
No sealing or waxing
Heat resistant
Scratch resistant