Caesarstone – The Whitelight Collection2 min read

Caesarstone Whitelight collection launches offering high design, and high-performance countertops. They are a true celebration of nature, with the collection featuring a suite of light tones and organic forms that meet our growing desire to bring elements of the outside world into our homes.

The new designs showcase the individuality and complexity of natural stone and the variety of ways in which diverse marble motifs have been interpreted to this highly desirable aesthetic. Each style communicates luxury, comfort and cleanliness along with a timely connection to our external environment.

When Caesarstone began introducing more organic-looking designs over a decade ago, these ‘supernatural’ designs capture the very essence of the outside world, delivering all the subtly and elegance of natural stone without any drawbacks.

The Whitelight collection comprises three brand new white quartz designs; 5171 Arabetto, 5112 Aterra Blanca and 5114 Calacatta Maximus. They sit alongside the timeless Caesarstone classics, such as 5031 Statuario Maximus, 5143 White Attica and 4141 Misty Carrera, meaning designers and homeowners can find the perfect light, no matter what kitchen style.

All Caesarstone quartz surface are non-porous, scratch and stain-resistant, durable and easy-to-clean, with a 25-year warranty.

5171 Arabetto

Arabetto is a surface of a swirling galaxy of dynamic stripes and speckles that span across a crisp white surface, capturing jade and copper hues that thread throughout this impressive stone. The delicate interlacing of forest green, jade, and terracotta offers a great foundation for a variety of colour schemes, from classical palettes built from neutral shades of white, grey or black, to more daring designs composed of bold colour and material combinations.

5112 Aterra Blanca

Aterra Blanca is formed with a misty white base that unravels with the softest strokes of earthy veining, swirling slowly into the stone that radiates a translucent glow, with warm, milky movements. The warm white base and subtle veining is the ultimate expression of understated elegance, pairing effortlessly with a myriad of different colours and hues.

5114 Calacatta Maximus

Calacatta Maximus is a pure white backdrop animated by bold flashes of a soft mix of warm neutrals, highlighted by golden-copper lines that provide a lavish look. This stone boasts a distinctive style, channelling nature’s infinite capacity to create beautiful and mesmerising organic forms. The striking broad grey veins through the pure white backdrop traverses the surface and features delicately highlighted details in copper and gold. The oversize vein is an authentic reflection of natural mineral deposits found in the earth and meets the growing consumer desire for home surfaces that evoke the outside world.

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