Caring and Prolonging your Engineered Stone3 min read

An engineered stone adds a luxurious and original element to your interior and requires minimal maintenance. However, to ensure you enjoy it for many years and it stays as beautiful as the day you bought it, there are a few ways to give it a bit of regular care.

Taking care of your engineered stone worktop and keeping it in perfect condition for years to come

An increasing number of consumers are opting for engineered stone due to its outstanding performance and characteristics. To maintain this, it’s crucial to clean using products specifically formulated for engineered stone. While engineered stone is highly resistant to natural juices and staining, we would recommend using the advice in this blog to prolong its appearance and longevity.

Preventing damage to engineered stone in everyday life and household tasks

Of course, all materials have their limits, so we need to prevent damage to engineered stone during everyday activities in the home with the following.

  • Some engineered stones are designed for indoor use only – meaning if used on the outside of buildings and direct sunlight hits it, it can change the colour of the stone and fade the design.
  • Engineered stone can only be cleaned with entirely non-abrasive products. They cannot contain abrasive particles that can wear away the material’s finish. To maintain its healthy appearance and texture, we recommend you do not use any strong cleaning agents such as bleach and use only recommended products.
  • To keep the lustre within the engineered stone, we recommend using a cutting board when working with knives, and a trivet to prevent heat transfer from the pots and pans. When handling heavy items, also take care not to drop them, especially on the corners and edges, to avoid chipping or breaking them.
  • As soon as a liquid spills onto the surface, wipe it down straight away with a damp cloth.

If you keep your engineered stone in great condition, you can enjoy its first-class appearance for years to come

As previously mentioned, cleaning an engineered stone with only non-abrasive products will keep the texture and finish of your countertop looking shiny and new. Use products designed to clean the surface of engineered stones and always check the ingredients listed on the label.

  • Mild cleaning agents are good for cleaning grease and dirt from worktop surfaces.
  • Engineered stone worktops can withstand the daily activities that happen every day in the kitchen. When cooking, make sure you wipe up any liquids that spill on the surface straight away with a damp cloth.
  • If you have a tile that is made from an engineered stone, regular cleaning can get rid of the dirt that accumulates from time to time.

Removing stubborn stains

There’s always a chance that your engineered surface may come in contact with more resistant substances like oil, rust, glue, cement, etc that cannot be cleaned away with the usual kind of mild cleaners. Pay attention to all safety precautions that are mentioned on the cleaning bottles if you use a cleaner that is designed to remove stubborn stains. Rinse the surface thoroughly with water to remove all possible traces of the cleaner and prevent damage to the surface.

Cleaning more extensive engineered stone surfaces

Where engineered stone is used in places like cinemas, bars and restaurants, owners often choose to machine-clean the surface rather than do it by hand for several reasons. We would recommend that you opt for a professional cleaner who has experience with engineered stones.

Following this handy guide and maintaining a consistent cleaning routine will allow you to have a stone surface in your home that will last you decades. Regular care will help prevent damage and keep the surfaces looking their best over time.


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