Kitchen worktops : Should I choose stone or wood?3 min read

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This month we are examining the pros and cons of stone worktops compared to wood worktops. Everyone should be proud of their kitchen and always be ready to showcase it to their guests, so when selecting a worktop it’s wise to consider the practicalities; do you have the time for maintenance? What’s your budget? What will suit your interior? Take note and tailor to your lifestyle to ensure you get the best out of your worktops.


Known for its premium quality, stone can be more expensive than alternative worktop materials, but its range of finishes including polished and matt, range of colours, low maintenance qualities and high durability makes it worth the investment. Whilst wood is generally cheaper, regular use can cause it to become damaged easily, therefore it doesn’t last very long before looking worn. As such, it is likely that a wood surface will need to be replaced regularly causing it to become more of an expense than stone over time.


Compared with the regular upkeep needed for wood, maintenance of stone (especially in the case of quartz worktops) is less onerous and far simpler as the surface can simply be wiped clean using everyday washing up liquid mixed with warm water and buffing with a clean cloth.

Wood, on the other hand, has to be maintained using specialist oils and waxes to make the surface water resistant, as water spills can discolour and stain your wood. Not only that, harsh cleaning products must be avoided when cleaning wood worktops as this can damage the surface, and when cutting, food chopping boards must always be used to avoid scratches and imperfections.

Some stone is a non-porous; others are sealed (like with natural granite) and will not absorb even the toughest of spills like vinegar, oils, beetroot, etc. This is great news for those with busy lifestyles, as stone worktops require very little attention, whereas spillages on wood will need to be cleaned as soon as they occur.


The only maintenance that might be required with stone are small cracks or chips that can may occur over time but these can be repaired with ease. This is very simple to fix and your worktop won’t need to be looked at for at least another year.

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When it comes to longevity, stone (whether quartz, granite, marble, porcelain) promises an unrivalled high resilience and durability. This worktop is great for fast paced lives and has the perfect contemporary look, delivering style and functionality which will stand the test of time.

Although all kitchen environments are different, wood requires more maintenance and upkeep compared with more hardwearing materials such as stone. Whilst solid wood worktops create a warm, rustic look, they tend to need more repairs during their lifespan. This may lead to entire replacements which can be a costly, repetitive process.


Bringing the beauty of nature indoors has been a popular interior design trend for many years, making both stone and wood popular choices.

Stone is a modern and elegant material that’ll create a luxurious look in your kitchen. This material provides you with huge variants to choose from – it’s important to consider your interior, colour, design and style when deciding on your stone worktop.

Wood can provide a kitchen with a rustic look but its colours and tones can only differ so much. The great thing about stone is that it can inject a natural look into your home, but can also create a dramatic look with vibrant reds and glamorous blacks that makes a defining statement.


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