Adding Handles to your Hub of the Home4 min read

If you are reading this blog, you have obviously chosen to add handles to your kitchen design. Choosing the perfect handles on your cabinetry is the finishing part and is essential as they can flatter and enhance the entire room, or clash and disrupt a beautiful style if a poor choice has been made.

Handles in a traditional kitchen is a beautiful design element as they tell a story within the classic style. There are many handles available in all shapes, sizes, colours and different materials.

When choosing the handles you want something that is going to be reliable for many years to come, as well as comfortable and all importantly stylish! Before choosing it’s best to try out all the different handles, checking your grip on them and seeing if they fit in with the decor. People who have bigger hands and arthritis in their hands/fingers will need the correct handles, so make sure you have selected the right ones.

Have you chosen a traditional style kitchen? Drop handles or cup style ones are perfect for a classic traditional style. They provide the kitchen with a sophisticated look, that still creates a traditional feel. Traditional kitchen cabinets will create a beautiful ambience with an old-world style handle. How about creating a combination with both styles and let the country style out?

Our client below opted for antique bar handles to finish off their handmade shaker kitchen. Savannah Quartz by CRL was chosen for the worktops. The handles certainly pop out from the light hues used.

Are you thinking about a contemporary/modern kitchen? With the flat-fronted style cabinets and drawers, a simple handle like a slim bar rectangular or softly curved barrel design will create clean lines and style within the modern decor.

Do you want to combine styles? You may like both traditional and modern aesthetics, so how about combining the two and create something truly spectacular in your hub of the home. They really do work wonders together.

Do you have different metallics and materials in your kitchen? Opting for Granite and Quartz worktops are great to complement with polished chrome or brushed silver handles. Appliances in a stainless steel finish will work beautifully with silver, chrome handles. You can also make a flawless design with wooden cabinetry complementing wooden knob handles.

Many of the handles are available in different lengths. It’s down to your personal choice, but if you prefer a less busy kitchen then opt for the same length handles throughout.

The general rule on the positioning of the handles is that they are placed horizontal on drawers and vertical on cupboard doors.

Cup handles and knobs were chosen by our client to add to the traditional feel this kitchen was designed for. A Carrara quartz was added to the mix to bring a timeless appeal to the room.

Bar handles

Bar handles are a popular choice in the kitchen today and they suit almost any kitchen style, from traditional, modern and a minimalistic approach. Depending on the length of the bar, it can reduce the number of handles needed, creating the perfect streamlined design that people are opting for.

Bow handles

Bow handles are curved and great for a slimline design to give the kitchen a modern approach. They match ideally against gloss and matte cabinetry and can either make a statement or blend in with the overall design.

Cup handles

Cup handles are a traditional style for a vintage lover. They provide a sturdy grip and are hard-wearing. They give the kitchen an authentic design and come in many different finishes.


Knobs are a versatile type of handle that is mostly traditional but does complement any kitchen design. They come in a range of different materials, with wooden knobs working well in a rustic, country farmhouse kitchen, and chrome being more modern and the perfect style for a minimalist design. Nickle and pewter are traditionally finished and can be very classy in luxury kitchen design.

A Carrara quartz was supplied and installed to this kitchen from us. Gold brass knobs and cup handles complete the two-tone colour scheme.

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