Choosing the Perfect Spotlights3 min read

Spotlights are a creative way for the kitchen to suit any mood or occasion. You can use them to achieve a variety of different aesthetics, such as a practical area to prepare the food or to showcase a centrepiece or decorative item in a more dramatic way.

In this blog, we will look at how spotlights will illuminate the different key areas of the kitchen and provide you with the best lighting.

Illuminating the key areas within the kitchen design

You can make a bold entrance with a spotlight to wow all of your guests. How about placing it directly above the door to turn it into a feature other than a functional part of the room. Do you have a beautiful rustic door? The spotlights can showcase this and make it a dramatic feature in the hub of the home. Even an attractive tiled floor can be bought to life with a spotlight.

Hang a mirror in the kitchen to give a big impact and make the space feel larger. Place spotlights above with a warm white glow, allowing your guests to feel their best when entering and leaving the hub of the home.

Make your island the centre

If your kitchen has enough room for a kitchen island, use spotlights to illuminate the area. You want it to stand out and make a focal point, downlights can help too. Create a clever floating visual effect using LED spotlights at the bottom of the island amongst the plinth.

Bounce the light

Use spotlights to bounce the light around the room from the walls, cupboards and appliances to create the illusion of the space.

Light up the shelf

Turn your exposed shelf into something more inspiring with spotlights mounted underneath. Open shelving is normally used to showcase china, cookbooks or ornaments. Spotlights added to this can create a dramatic effect to show off that beautiful piece of china or the cookbook collection.

Turn the spotlight on something

Do you have an open-plan space, which includes a dining table? You might want to light up the table and showcase the food you have made for your guests. Connect them to a dimmer switch to provide you with the ideal solution to illuminate occasions of different moods. Turn the spotlights on to their full brightness to provide lots of light on a dark, cold morning, or set low to create a lighting mood for a romantic or occasional meal.

Burst lots of light into the space

Add some spotlights in the cupboards to give a burst of light to the space. They can be especially effective if the room has been dimmed for a meal or occasion, and great if you have glass-fronted cabinets.

Make a glare-free space

When creating your food prep area, the correct lighting is key to enable you to work efficiently. Using a spotlight is an ideal practical way to help you finish the job. Add them to either side of the counter to create a glare-free space when preparing your meals.

Create a 3D effect

Balance out the spotlights carefully alongside the main light fittings in your kitchen to create a more three-dimensional effect. This allows it to be altered easily to create the ambience you prefer. The layer of lighting can create a dim, shadowy effect to a bright well-lit room and everything in between.

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