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Beauty Beyond Natural

Silestone introduces their new marble colours, the Ethereal Collection. Developed with HybriQ+ technology these new marble tones are bought to life with a new dimension – an unprecedented leap forward in design, sustainability and innovation. Each one interprets the dreamlike beauty of the sky by drawing fine veins of deep hues on white canvases.

HybriQ+ technology

  • 100% reused water
  • 0% Liquid discharge
  • 100% renewable electric energy
  • 20% recycled materials

The result: Silestone’s most advanced and cutting-edge series, a redefinition of veining that creates a new category in performance and design.

Cindy has already represented the brand’s values at its 2019 launch and continues to do so with this new collection. Cindy was born in 1966 in Illinois, United States and began a career in modelling, acting and business. Her years of success at modelling made her an international celebrity that has led to roles in television and film as well as other business ventures. She is very passionate about design, work and family.

Let’s discover the new Silestone quartz colours – Ethereal Collection

Ethereal Glow – A renewed version of a golden classic

Silestone has renewed its version of a classic like the Calacatta Gold and created it with a more daring and modern structure. The veins found scattered across the surface are elegant shades of gold and grey, blending into a nuanced white background. They cross the surface and distribute the colour in every corner, adding value to the design.

Ethereal Noctis – A colour destined to become a classic

This certain colour has been inspired by Eternal’s designs with a new, renewed and sober approach. Intricate black nuances add contrast and elegance to the palette, with grey details scattered on the textured background with short veins to give the colour depth.

Ethereal Haze – Subtle yet strong grey gradients

Ethereal Haze is a friendly colour with strong character, in which the play of gradients merges with the background of the neutral and deep colour. Its combination of cool and warm tones makes it perfect for spaces with a wood or cement look. This stone also pairs well with coppery metals, gold, limestone, and the most rustic fabrics.

Ethereal Dusk – Avant-garde geometry in a blue tint

The bluish tone in the interior of each of its veins gives it a modern touch that, in combination with its avant-garde geometric directionality, makes Ethereal Dusk one of the most urban and modern designs in the collection. Pairing perfectly with dark colours such as black and brown. And other colours that are good partners are bronzes and coppers.


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