Creating a White Kitchen3 min read

A fresh, crisp white design is perfect for a kitchen, and it’s very versatile. It is one of the most popular colours that work beautifully in a kitchen, no matter how large or small it is. White goes with any style and is a clean and uncluttered colour that creates many successful schemes in the home.

White can make a smaller area feel light, bright and airy, and is often the colour choice for designers and architects too. It suits both traditional and modern décors and can easily be updated with the latest trends.

Our client below chose the ever so popular Bianco Stella quartz to fill their hub of the home with a luxury finish. The fine crystals within this stone will certainly draw attention to the eye and break up the all-white kitchen. We love the pop of colour the blind brings to this space.

Fabrics bring softness to a white kitchen and this bright pink adds a great design feature to the window.

Mixing whites is a better option than using the same shade as this can make the room look flat and uninviting. Choosing three or four shades of white can add dimension to the space and interest all who enters.

When bringing the different shades of white to the space, avoid mixing warm whites with cool whites. Warm whites can look more yellow, while cooler tones can look bluer.

There are many marble stones in the world of worktops that have a strong visual appeal and will instantly make a statement in the kitchen area even in a white-on-white colour scheme. We have many available in our showroom for you to look at.

Our client below chose the Technistone Noble Supreme White Quartz. The subtle marble effect and a bright white background makes for a luxury and timeless appearance within this white kitchen scheme.⠀

Opting for different materials in an all-white kitchen can bring depth to the kitchen space making it interesting and unique. Why not mix shiny with matte and rough with smooth for a dynamic look.

The traditional white cabinets below balance out the wooden flooring in this kitchen space making it feel warm and welcoming.

Injecting splashes of colour to a white kitchen can create a friendly vibe and pull the theme together. Eyes will be drawn to every inch of the kitchen.

Natural light is another great benefit to a white kitchen. It creates the airy feel and brightness you were originally going for in the kitchen.

Allow the kitchen island to become a main focal point by topping it with a different colour or material to break up the white colour scheme. The contrast between the white cabinets and a different worktop will break up the room and provide your eyes with something to look at.

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