Design Trends in the Bathroom2 min read

In recent years bathrooms have been recieving special attention, where fashion and dazzling looks are created with richness of stylish taps, and practical demands from materials such as stone to create wonderful vanity tops and feature walls.

Bathrooms are no longer used as a space to just wash, but an evolving place to relax and unwind. They immediately turn private homes into pampering spas. There are many design trends to incorporate into the bathroom such as using rich textures, stand alone bathtubs, floating sinks, and floor and wall cladding in neutral, soft colour palettes.

The minimalist trend offers an experience of serene cleanliness, with a touch of sophistication. We say goodbye to clutter and chaos, and say hello to muted elegancy, creating a retreat to take you away from everyday life. The colour palettes that dominate this trend in a minimalist bathroom are black and white, steel grey and earthy browns. Showers that feature a frameless design blend into the bathroom space with seamless ease and create a modern design trend.

Our client below in Watton at Stone wanted to create a minimalist bathroom in their property using Compac Perlino Quartz to create a clean and contemporary look. This stone consists of a natural hue with a grey like marble vein flowing throughout the surface. We also fabricated a 100mm bonded front edge with a 45degree joint for a seamless finish.⠀

Bringing the outdoors into the bathroom is another design trend that is loved by many. Embracing natural, raw materials, such as concrete, wood planks and exposed beams, has become much more common and popular in home interior design in recent years.

Many stones that are warm-coloured and natural are great for bringing nature indoors. They reflect the ongoing fascination of what lies beneath the term ‘nature’.

Pops of colour are also coming back to the bathroom design, where colourful accents, fixtures and accessories make their way into the luxury relaxing space. Decorative pieces with touches of colour, make striking visual effects into bathroom spaces with a twist.

For a low-maintenance and stylish bathroom, look no further than the natural stone shower and wetroom options we provide here at Cawdor Stone Gallery. Providing a durable, water resistant surface, natural stone possesses the ideal properties for a beautiful bathroom.

Our high quality stone materials are available in a range of colours, so we can guarantee that we’ll have something to suit your requirements, no matter what style you want for your bathroom. Contact us today for more information – we look forward to hearing from you.