5 great design trends to incorporate natural stone throughout the home3 min read

natural stone throughout the home

The durability and elegance of natural stone has made it a firm favourite with homeowners throughout the world. Often used for kitchen worktops, natural stone offers a stately look that is ideal for display in many areas of the home too. With that in mind, don’t just restrict this material to one area of the home; its naturally beautiful finish has fantastic potential for any room. To help get yourself inspired, read on to see 5 great design trends to incorporate natural stone throughout the home.

Add a statement wall

To give a space a touch of opulence, installing an accent wall crafted from natural stone could be the answer. With colours and patterns available in a variety of both bold and subtle shades, marble or onyx can comfortably suit any interior. Go for a lighter colour to give your room a fresh and clean lift, or if you want to make a statement then select a darker, richly veined stone that is sure to be your home’s talking point. A range of applications are possible, from entrance vestibule walls to bedroom walls, so consider your options carefully.

Dine in style with marble tables

You don’t have to dine out to treat yourself to a little luxury, as granite or marble dining tables can make mealtimes at home that extra bit special. Other surfaces can also be graced with a marble finish, including bedside tables and writing desks, adding opulence to any surface in your home.

Dress your home with accessories

If you prefer a subtle approach, why not dress up your rooms with a few marble items. Clocks, bookends and coaster are just a few standard household objects that can be crafted from this stone, enhancing your interiors and creating a look that is striking but not overwhelming.

Install a classic fireplace

The ultimate mark of elegance, natural stone fireplaces are hardly a ‘new’ design trend, but have experienced a revival in recent years. Commonly associated with stately houses, marble fireplaces could also have a place in your home. Whether you want just a touch of marble on the mantelpiece, or want to make a statement with a completely marble fireplace, this stone can strengthen the aesthetic of any space. Depending on the design, they can also offer either a traditional or contemporary look that can complement any decor.

Lay some luxurious flooring

If you’re searching for a durable and sumptuous floor, marble could be the answer. This stone can add a fresh and formal look to a study or lobby, and is also perfect for bathrooms and kitchens, creating an almost ‘wet-room’ style. Patterns can be plain, relying on the colour and veining or a single marble, or in combination with two or more contrasting types in an elaborate design. However, as this flooring option requires more care than tiles, it’s advisable to avoid installation in potentially high traffic areas such as a corridor.

Whatever design you have in mind, the professionals at Cawdor Stone can help you out. Our team have sourced, provided and installed bespoke marble for the past 30 years, showcasing our talents in one of the largest showrooms in the South East. We also source and provide a variety of quartz and granite, all guaranteed to make a statement. For more information, simply get in contact with our friendly team.