Discover Ascale New Collection – BodyTech3 min read

We have bought you the Ascale Marble collection, but as Ascale produces more innovative products, we love to bring you their brand new collection – BodyTech. The Ascale BodyTech collection has been made up of exclusively natural raw materials and minerals, bringing Ascale’s authentic slabs to the home with an earthy beauty.

Four new colours create the collection, each offering an incomparable variety of colour chips and grains, obtained directly from nature itself. The essence of the ‘BodyTech’ concept is reflected in every detail of Ascale’s pieces. Ensuring a consistent appearance and texture, Ascale creates a unified beauty that remains intact even after processing and cutting. The four new designs offer seamless continuity between the surface and edges, allowing Ascale to meet the highest design standards for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Ascale porcelain represents the cutting edge in large-format sintered slabs, stemming from over half a century of expertise in the ceramic industry under the TAU brand. Available in 12 & 20mm thicknesses and the expansive 320 x 160 format, these sintered slabs offer exceptional durability and versatility, making them a great material for professionals in architecture, construction, and interior design.

The Advantages of Ascale Products

  • Lightness – a minimum thickness of 6mm for cladding and flooring; for countertops 12mm and 20mm are recommended.
  • Made in the EU – Ascale products are manufactured in the European Union, meeting all the corresponding quality standards.
  • Waterproof – moisture absorption is less than 0.08% with zero colour absorption.
  • Cut Resistant – at high and low temperatures.
  • Recycled – 70% of the materials used are reused.
  • Large Format – the slab sizes are 3200 x 1600mm for furniture, countertops, facades, etc.
  • UV Resistance – ultraviolet resistance and surface stability over time.
  • High Resistance – to high and low temperatures, UV rays and bending.
  • Hygienic – extremely easy to clean and resists chemicals bacteria and fungal proliferation.
  • Low Temperature Resistance – resistance to low temperatures and frost. Suitable for outdoors.
  • High-Temperature Resistance – fireproof and non-combustible material that allows contact with utensils at high temperatures.
  • Anti-stain – thanks to the technology applied and the material used. Ascale does not pollute.
  • 100% Natural – all materials used are of 100% natural mineral origin.
  • Lots of colours and styles to choose from and each product carries high aesthetic appeal without any possibility of fading.

Antalya Sand

Antalya Sand is complete with a beige hue offering a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The beige backdrop is highlighted with white flecks and a subtle granular texture, adding a touch of light and texture to all spaces.

  • Matt Finish
  • Available in 12 & 20mm thicknesses
  • Slab Size – 3200mm x 1600mm

Ceppo di Gre

Ceppo di Gre has a light grey hue that features large and small pebbles. Want to add a light surface to your home with some depth? Ceppo di Gre is the ideal choice.

  • Matt Finish
  • Available in 12 & 20mm thicknesses
  • Slab Size – 3200mm x 1600mm

Dune Gray

Dune Gray is another light grey in the collection but is illuminated with flashes of dark brown and white. This stone gives a subtle appearance and reminds us of beautiful concrete that will pair nicely with wood.

  • Matt Finish
  • Available in 12 & 20mm thicknesses
  • Slab Size – 3200mm x 1600mm

Pierre Bleue

The darkest colour in the collection is Pierre Bleue. It presents a modern and sophisticated design where the grey and blue granules intertwine in a harmonious dance. This stone will add warmth and character to your spaces.

  • Matt Finish
  • Available in 12 & 20mm thicknesses
  • Slab Size – 3200mm x 1600mm


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