Bringing Ascale Marble Collection to the Home5 min read

Porcelain worktops are an alternative to natural or engineered quartz surfaces and add a tough, resistant and durable option as a kitchen surface and beyond. There is a large choice of surface colours and designs to choose from which provides flexibility in modern design styles from contemporary to traditional.

Ascale porcelain worktops are the latest technology in large-format sintered slabs. Ascale is the result of more than half a century of experience in the ceramic sector under the TAU brand. These particular sintered slabs are available in thicknesses of 6,12 and 20mm and in the 320 x 160 format, which is an immensely powerful tool for professionals in architecture, construction and interior design due to the resistance and versatility.

We dive into the world of Ascale’s Marble Collection and look at each one in more detail. There are so many to choose from, we have many favourites. What one will you be enquiring about?

The advantages of Ascale products

  • Lightness – a minimum thickness of 6mm for cladding and flooring; for countertops 12mm and 20mm are recommended.
  • Made in the EU – Ascale products are manufactured in the European Union, meeting all the corresponding quality standards.
  • Waterproof – moisture absorption is less than 0.08% with zero odour absorption.
  • Cut Resistant – at high and low temperatures.
  • Recycled – 70% of the materials used are reused.
  • Large Format – the slab sizes are 3200 x 1600mm for furniture, countertops, facades, etc.
  • UV Resistance – ultraviolet resistance and surface stability over time.
  • High Resistance – to high and low temperatures, UV rays and bending.
  • Hygienic – extremely easy to clean and resists chemicals bacteria and fungal proliferation.
  • Low Temperature Resistance – resistance to low temperatures and frost. Suitable for outdoors.
  • High-Temperature Resistance – fireproof and non-combustible material that allows contact with utensils at high temperatures.
  • Anti-stain – thanks to the technology applied and the material used. Ascale does not pollute.
  • 100% Natural – all materials used are of 100% natural mineral origin.
  • Lots of colours and styles to choose from and each product carries high aesthetic appeal without any possibility of fading.

Calacatta Viola

Calacatta Viola is characterised by large veins of wine-coloured hues that emerge on a creamy background. A marble of pure neoclassical style that stands as the protagonist of any space.

Crystal White

Crystal White is the reproduction of the crystal effect with an outstanding indirect light. This marble design is ideal for sophisticated and elegant spaces.

Alto Statuario

Luminosity and elegance are the main characteristics that define Alto Statuario. Distinction and simplicity come together in a material highly appreciated by architects.

Lasa White

Lasa White contains fine grey veins and a classic white background. It’s a porcelain that architects and interior designers highly value.

Taj Mahal Almond

This majestic marble is inspired by the materials used for one of the eight Wonders of the World, the Taj Mahal in India. The patterns represent finishes that are found on precious stones and add a luxury addition to any project or space.

Macchia Vecchia Gold

This sleek and modern surface offers an ivory-white background and intense grey veining with orange highlights. With a strong personality, it makes any space stand out.

Arabescatto White

This classical marble with dark grey veining on a white background brings an interesting contrast to any space. It will provide you with a focal point.

Laurent Black

This is one of the most daring black marbles of recent years. Its dark graphic contrasted with multiple orange veins captures people’s attention instantly. Imagine it on a kitchen island!

Marquina Black

A classic among black marbles. The black tones are contrasted with white veins that cross across the slab providing movement to the graphic. It’s increasingly used in interior spaces and luxurious kitchens.

Grassi White

Grassi White is one of the most highly-demanded classic marble types on the market. It’s so versatile and can be used for both classic and avant-garde spaces. The contrasting white background combines delicate grey veins and brown nuances and reflections that add warmth to the marble finish.

Crotone Pulpis

A unique marble finish due to the chromatic variety which perfectly adapts to both modern and classic atmospheres. The brown marble with fine veins and golden reflections is a trendy colour in recent years and has been heavily used in luxury store projects.

Belvedere Black

Belvedere Black, a black finish with white veins and small golden flashes inside the veins. The dark background contrasts with the veins, bringing that distinctive and sober touch to kitchens and other spaces which are so sought after today.

Montblanc White

This new design is an elegant and modern choice for the home. The grey veins make it a popular choice in kitchen design.

Vagli Gold

Vagli Gold recreates a white Calacatta marble with exceptionally fine veins. The pure white found on this surface is incrusted with golden reflections giving off a warm touch.

Armani Silver

Armani Silver is inspired by the Armani Bronze – a brown marble extracted in Spain. This fine grey vein-marbled surface is trendy and timeless and brings a lot of tranquillity to any space.

Torano Statuario

This design is without a doubt one of Ascale’s best sellers. It’s characterised by its light colour and the greyish veins that flow through the surface.

Bahia Silver

Bahia Silver is the perfect stone for those looking for a natural stone appearance with a marble look but with the performance of state-of-the-art porcelain. This grey-white design is a perfect option for all areas in the home.

Ducal Gold

A stone inspired by the Italian Calacatta marble. Ducal Gold has been reinterpreted from the well-known Calacatta Gold with a golden-yellow and silver grain on a white background. It is seen in the most exclusive and luxurious spaces.

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