Discover Silestone XM – Redefining Mineral Surfaces4 min read

Cosentino introduces Silestone XM, the new generation of mineral surfaces. This comes from the successful evolution of Hybriqtechnology that was launched in 2020. Silestone XM distinguishes Silestone colours and collections brought to the market by having a maximum crystalline silica content of 10%.

Seven years ago, the pioneering Hybriq+®  technology development commenced, culminating in its introduction in 2020. This significant milestone reflects Cosentino’s ambitious dedication to research, development, and innovation in the global decorative and design surfaces sector. Through Hybriq, Cosentino has fundamentally revolutionised the essence of its Silestone product, prioritising enhanced safety and sustainability.

Under this groundbreaking innovation, Silestone transformed its manufacturing process, becoming sustainable with the use of 100% renewable electrical energy and 99% recycled water. Furthermore, its composition was entirely reformulated, substantially reducing the crystalline silica content by incorporating new premium minerals and a minimum of 20% recycled raw materials, including glass. Despite these changes, the product maintains its consistent physical and mechanical performance, as well as its hallmark high-quality design and colour depth.

This year, Cosentino marks a significant milestone with the introduction of Silestone XM, a comprehensive collection being launched in 2024, along with existing colours manufactured with less than 10% crystalline silica. The company’s objective is to eventually incorporate its whole colour portfolio under this new brand. This achievement stands as Cosentino’s most significant recent contribution to advancing its industry, aiming to set the surface industry on a path towards core values of enhanced sustainability, circular economy, and safety across the value chain.


  • Unique Patterns & Designs – Enhance your home with elegance creating unique spaces.
  • Real Full Body – Full continuity throughout the edge and thickness.
  • Natural Stone Touch & Feel – Authentic look and feel that mimics the texture and warmth of the real stone.
  • Mineral Composition – High-performance: Improved strength and durability.
  • Sustainable Innovation – Made with the exclusive HYBRIQ technology, using recycled materials.

The colours in the range so far…

Ffrom01 – Earthic Ffrom

A grey surface adorned with specks of white recycled PET fragments forms a delicate yet intricate pattern that captivates the gaze and enriches the composition with depth.

Ffrom02 – Earthic Ffrom

A deep shade of grey gracefully punctuated by white accents, forming a visually captivating contrast. The hue exudes a modern and minimalist sensibility.

Ffrom03 – Earthic Ffrom

An enchanting yet sophisticated anthracite backdrop, adorned with scattered recycled PET scales across its surface, bringing to mind an imagery of the night sky or a geological marvel.

Raw D – Earthic Raw

A backdrop of dark, natural rock exudes a sense of tranquillity and enduring elegance. Random streaks of bronze weave through the charcoal landscape, adding depth and attraction.

Raw G – Earthic Raw

A tranquil and organic concrete surface adorned with delicate copper accents, intertwined with nebulous veins that evoke a sense of fluidity.

Raw A – Earthic Raw

A hue featuring a gentle, dark-veined pattern over a white backdrop, unveils an intricate design that exudes a sense of natural elegance, reminiscent of the refined stones discovered in nature.

Romantic Ash – Le Chic

The presence of broad rivers and clusters of grains in assorted sizes allows the mind to take you to the Milky Way, or think about a clear, starry sky. The inclusion of blue hues enhances the depth of Romantic Ash.

Victorian Silver – Le Chic

A soft and understated two-toned marbling forms the backdrop, exhibiting gradient effects and remarkable depth. The cool undertone seamlessly merges with its silver and dark grey veins, producing an elegant hue that harmonises effortlessly with both warm and cool tones. Immerse yourself in the world of Victorian elegance and sophistication, where each moment becomes a timeless treasure.

Versailles Ivory – Le Chic

Featuring a delicate two-toned marbling backdrop accentuated by a gradient effect, Versailles Ivory captivates with the shimmering allure of golden sparkles. This luxurious hue is very elegant and is reminiscent of the opulence of the Palace of Versailles. Adding a touch of sophistication to any space, this exquisite shade makes a bold statement of refined taste and living.

Parisien Bleu – Le Chic

Radiating a profound bluish hue imbued with robust personality and compelling character, this shade draws inspiration from the tones found in renowned Imperial Roman stones, complemented by delicate veins in ochre hues.

Eclectic Pearl – Le Chic

With its flowing streams of delicate tones adorned with grains resembling diamonds on fine jewellery, Eclectic Pearl enchants with its intricate veining, textured surface, and metallic accents throughout. Serving as a symbol of timeless elegance and individuality, Eclectic Pearl seamlessly blends classic and modern elements, with a unique charm that captures the essence of sophistication and style.

Bohemian Flame – Le Chic

This hue showcases delicate sinuous veins with copper-toned metallic inlays, drawing inspiration from the movement of golden lava flows that carve scars into volcanic soil. It appears to give a tranquil motion of candle flames, accentuated by tiny metallic fragments.

Nolita23 – Loft

Soft and airy tones, intermingled with subtle, muted whites and greys.

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