In More Detail – One of the Most Desired Stones, Silestone Calacatta Gold in Hertford2 min read

To add to the light and fresh compact kitchen space found within a lovely little cottage in Hertford, the Silestone Calacatta Gold was chosen. This is one of the most desired stones due to the blueish and grey veins with the added touch of golden shades all on a white background.

Just a single galley layout with a breakfast bar at one end zoning the space, not a lot of stone was needed for the room, but we made sure it made a big impact.

Silestone Calcatta Gold is full of eternity and elegance, being one of the most desired natural stones in history due to its whiteness. This stone also features Silestone’s exclusive N-Boost technology that prevents the adhesion of liquids, enhances shine and intensifies colour.

Something else we designed into this relatively small kitchen is a full-height splashback taking centre stage behind the cooking area. This gives our client an area that can be wiped down easily thanks to the durability of the stone and an eye-catching feature where the veins flow in a beautiful way.

When discussing with the client what options were available, she was instantly drawn to the idea of having a windowsill completed in the same stone as the worktops. This completed the kitchen perfectly and was a nice additional touch to the sink area. We also completed the area with drainer grooves.

We rounded the edge of a couple of the corners to add character to this small, stylish space. Check it out below.

Up close and personal on the breakfast bar! Check out how the veins flow through the surface, intertwining with each other and making a gorgeous finish to the colour scheme used in this kitchen design. The soft rounded edges break up the clean lines of this minimalist style and add character where needed. The overhang we created is the perfect place for two people to sit and indulge in a cocktail from the bar or a light snack in the afternoon with a cup of tea.

Check out the drinks cabinet. To make use of the space and to create a modern feature that many homeowners are putting on their kitchen wish lists, this drinks cabinet was designed on a spare wall finished with the Calacatta Gold as a splashback and cold shelf. We added a chopping board in there too, to slice the lemons and limes. What a wonderful cabinet!

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