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Infinity – The engineered surface is the new company specialised in the production of large slabs for worktops, furnishings and projects.

The Concorde Group produced Infinity – the leading Italian manufacturer of ceramic floor and wall coverings for architecture and interior design.

Infinity specialises in the design, production, and sale of large-size slabs tailored for furnishing accessories. Each slab is suitable for application on interior walls or bonded or ventilated wall cladding. Infinity is what you might call an “experience start-up”, already boasting several outstanding technologies, with the most striking examples including NaturaVein-Tech and NaturaBody-Tech. Both of these technologies allow Infinity to edge the industrial product ever closer to the beauty of top-of-the-range natural marble.

  • Versatile for any project
  • Frost-resistant
  • No colour alteration
  • Resistant to heavy loads
  • Quality raw materials
  • Non-absorbent
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easy workability
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic surface
  • Scratch and abrasion-resistant
  • Resistant to liquids and acids
  • Non-toxic and microparticle-free slabs
  • Surface suitable for food contact

They continue to invest and take on board innovation, constantly adding selected materials to their collection pursuing research and finding new surfaces and material effects. This brings us to explore the valuable new colours and innovative technologies brought to the Infinity collection in 2024. Let’s take a look at each one below in a little more detail and see how each one will work in your bathroom or kitchen design.

Kitchen Design

Nowadays the kitchen is where we spend most of our time at home. Our imagination and freedom are given free rein and an Infinity product, provides the perfect ingredient for kitchen design and renovation, creating countertops, islands, tables, backsplashes, sinks and more.

Due to the extra-large size, seamless design and elegant details, Infinity allows users to cook and enjoy meals with friends and family, safe in the knowledge that the technical features of these slabs guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and comfort.

An example of Travertino Bianco is in the picture below.

Bathroom Design

When it comes to great bathroom design, the inspiration is endless with an Infinity product.

What’s your bathroom design? Modern, a luxurious spa or simply a pared-back design with all the comforts? Choose your style from an Infinity material for countertops, basins, flooring, sidings or shower trays and walls.

With nearly zero porosity, easy and intuitive maintenance, and a rich palette of colours and finishes, Infinity is the ideal choice for a bathroom renovation. Its high-performance materials allow for fully customisable projects, ensuring both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

An example of Cammeo is in the picture below.

New Colours for 2024

Travertino Bianco

This stone is an icon!

Travertino Bianco comes from an ancient material but is now a contemporary icon. White travertine is a quintessential element of classical and monumental architecture, and it reemerges today as a highly prestigious surface. It’s the perfect material for transforming both indoor and outdoor spaces into exclusive settings, evoking a noble and timeless essence that remains perpetually modern. True elegance evolves while staying true to its roots.

Available Finishes: Matte
Available Thicknesses: 12mm, 6mm
Slab Size(s): 3200 x 1600mm


Endless layers in a nature-inspired masterpiece.

Unique and irreplaceable, this material is just as precious as the stone that inspired it. This large-format slab is interwoven with agate clusters, creating a mesmerising, dynamic effect. Each agate is distinct, showcasing varying colours and layers that enhance the overall harmony. A beautiful surface for every environment.

Available Finishes: Glam
Available Thicknesses: 12mm, 6mm
Slab Size(s): 3200 x 1600mm


A charming surface that goes beyond space.

Andromeda is a name that evokes mystery and promises a daily escape from reality. It begins with the depth of black onyx and goes beyond sinuous streaks from a texture that invites contemplation, while the irregular agglomerate of stones evokes the vastness of the universe. The stardust effect infuses any room with an elegant charm.

Available Finishes: Polished
Available Thicknesses: 12mm, 6mm
Slab Size(s): 3200 x 1600mm


Geometrical rhythm of contemporaneity.

Ginza features a labyrinth of modules intersecting with precision and harmony creating a dynamic geometric pattern.

Available Finishes: Matte
Available Thicknesses: 6mm
Slab Size(s): 3200 x 1600mm



New Colours from Infinity’s Porcelain Collection

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