New Colours from Infinity’s Porcelain Collection5 min read

Infinity – The engineered surface is the new company specialised in the production of large slabs for worktops, furnishings and projects.

Infinity originates from the wealth of experience accumulated over decades by Concorde Group, the leading Italian manufacturer of ceramic floor and wall coverings for architecture and interior design.

They specialise in the design, production, and sale of large-size slabs tailored for furnishing accessories. These slabs are suitable for application on interior walls or for cladding of bonded or ventilated walls. Infinity is what you might call an “experienced start-up”, already boasting several outstanding technologies, with the most striking examples including NaturaVein-Tech and NaturaBody-Tech. Both technologies allow Infinity to edge the industrial product ever closer to the beauty of top-of-the-range natural marble.

Infinity continues to invest and take on board innovation, constantly adding selected materials to its collection and pursuing research to continue finding new surfaces and material effects. As they always say: put them to the test! New finishes include the Hyle material textures programme and the introduction of the new Levigato Pearl finish, which brings extraordinary smoothness to a matt surface with a strikingly natural look.

  • Versatile for any project
  • Frost-resistant
  • No colour alteration
  • Resistant to heavy loads
  • Quality raw materials
  • Non-absorbent
  • Heat-resistant
  • Easy workability
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic surface
  • Scratch and abrasion-resistant
  • Resistant to liquids and acids
  • Non-toxic and microparticle-free slabs
  • Surface suitable for food contact

The Infinity collection introduces valuable new colours and innovative technologies that will make any room unique and sophisticated. Each one has been designed to meet the most diverse design needs. Let’s take a look at each one below in a little more detail and see how it will work in your bathroom or kitchen design.

Onyx White OC07

The unique radiance and timeless allure of white.

A pearly white background that is crossed with rich nuances, characteristic of onyx, renowned for its radiant beauty and serving as the inspiration for this slab’s timeless appearance.

Delicate veins introduce a vibrant touch, disrupting the uniformity of the backdrop. The visual feature preserves the natural elegance of the original stone while elevating its functionality in a flawlessly aesthetic and functional surface.

Rosso Domus MB26

An Italian slab with a unique colour scheme.

The perfect representation of the colour red stands out as the defining feature of this distinctive surface, a result of Infinity’s ongoing technological exploration. A rich and lively carmine red captures the essence of its inspiration from the Apuan Alps, yet it remains free from the imperfection found in natural stone.

This selection harmoniously blends opulent classical ambiences with a contemporary appreciation for vibrant hues.

Santos OC06

Wow effect: the surface that isn’t afraid to go unnoticed.

The unique hues of the uncommon Brazilian stone, marked by captivating teal tones, are now paired with an iridescent finish, creating an unparalleled slab. Infinity’s technological research enables the integration of silvery specks, introducing an additional layer of graphic depth to an already exceptionally decorative surface.

This represents a reinterpretation of nature’s beauty within a space that challenges anonymity.

Ceppo Romano SE12

The natural warmth and chromatic harmony of stone in a single slab.

This surface is inspired by nature, capturing all the depth of Italian stone in a lavish yet essential aesthetic. The stone’s warm tone and varied features release the warmth of the material, complemented by the exclusive Natura Body-Tech Technology. This technology is crafted to maintain the material-like quality of the texture.

It represents a flawless fusion of versatility, style and comfort.

Palladium Ivory SE11

The authentic beauty of limestone gives life to infinite stylistic combinations.

The refined aesthetic of this surface is defined by a compact texture reminiscent of limestone, featuring subtle colour variations that introduce a discreet dynamism. Its consistent colouration makes it an ideal selection for creating a contemporary space with an inviting ambience, particularly when paired with other natural materials.

Skov WD02

A challenge to the most discerning eye and has a surprising tactile effect.

Skov represents Infinity’s latest and exclusive collection inspired by natural wood, drawing aesthetics from the most exquisite veneer essences for contemporary interior design. Chromatically harmonised in a warm, sophisticated and muted shade, this selection is a testament to Infinity’s technological skills.

The research has achieved hyper-realistic grain definition, with tone-on-tone material application seamlessly superimposed on the graphic development of the product.

Iconic Cipollino MB25

Beyond Nature: a visually dramatic version of the extremely rare Italian marble.

A visually striking slab takes inspiration from a traditional Italian marble, now rejuvenated through technology to showcase its full vitality. Exceedingly refined and versatile, it seamlessly blends harmonious tones and unique visual effects, courtesy of its flowing veins.

These sinuous patterns below have a distinctive character to any environment, effortlessly complementing even the most minimalistic interior design solutions.


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