New Colours of Cimstone2 min read

Çimstone is a quartz-based compound stone produced with the Italian BRETON technology. The stone is combined with natural textures with the robustness of quartz. Shades of cream, beige, mink, brown and grey as well as its veined products fill the colour chart and provide you with endless possibilities.

Rich in design combined with robustness…

Many colours and styles are designed to your taste, blending well with any types of furniture, metallic accessories and inox products. It is also stainproof, has an anti-bacterial composition and displays a high resistance to the abrasive effects of acids and bases thanks to its properties, guaranteeing a lasting finish for years.

At Cawdor Stone, we supply quartz materials from Cimstone, producing natural stone textures that can be applied to a wide range of uses within the home. We keep up to date with their latest styles and colours meeting every customer’s requirements.

Below we look at some of the new colours of this natural quartz-based product.

875 Linen

Linen by Cimstone is made up of a beige background with delicate white veining throughout the surface. It gives off warm characteristics that can be used to produce a cosy and comforting environment.

990 Sineda

Sineda by Cimstone is a marble effect quartz featuring exquisite cream and gold veins scattered throughout the surface. The luxurious neutral tones provide an elegant finish in both contemporary and traditional homes.

928 Cascara Bianca

Cascara Bianca by Cimstone is a gorgeous shimmer effect quartz that’s pale grey in colour with heavy plum coloured veins and white loose threads.

934 Versilia

Versilia by Cimstone is a light coloured marble quartz featuring an off-white base with hints of grey veins scattered throughout. The neutral colours within help this product to co-ordinate with most projects.

993 Gemini Grey

Gemini Grey by Cimstone is a light grey quartz with deep striking white veins to provide a statement feature.

922 Marquina Midnight

Marquina Midnight by Cimstone is a black quartz reinterpreting the popular Nero Marquina marble originated from Spain. Clear and obvious striking white veins flow through the surface with faint mottled ones too.

932 Calacatta Nuvo

Calacatta Nuvo by Cimstone is a clean white coloured stone with very pale grey block veins creating a marbled effect.

986 Arabescato

Arabescato by Cimstone is a prestigious white marbled effect stone with characteristic veins. The veins are outlined with charcoal edging running from top to bottom.

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