Outdoor Quartz Collection by Caesarstone3 min read

Caesarstone introduces the first ever collection of outdoor quartz surfaces – an inspiring range designed to elevate one’s outdoor space and transform it into an environment to be enjoyed all year round.

During the last year, we have seen ourselves spending more time at home and in our gardens. They are becoming spaces in which we live, work, play and entertain. Our outdoor spaces are an extension of the home; a place where you can open the doors and enjoy a coffee, read a book, prepare an alfresco meal, or indulge in an aperitif.

The collection has been in development for several years and launched following a period of time where we appreciated our gardens more than ever before. Gardens became the sanctuaries we could escape to during the various nationwide lockdowns, and as ‘normal’ life gradually resumes, the outdoor spaces that we have made will be the first port of call for entertaining family and friends – both safely and privately.

These new Caesarstone quartz worktops are beautifully designed that retain their original colour even after long-term exposure to the sun. They provide the answer to every homeowner’s desire to cook, dine and entertain from the comfort of their own garden. The collection is made up of three brand new designs; 515 Palm Shade, a classic look of white marble with a subtle warm veining; 405 Midday, a white concrete look to complement tiling, stone, and decking; and 406 Clearskies, a pale grey concrete design that’s perfect for contemporary gardens.

Caesarstone’s quartz worktop surfaces are filled with high-performing properties. All of their surfaces are non-porous, durable, scratch, stain, mould, and mildew resistant, and easy-to-clean, with a ten-year warranty. The outdoor collection has been meticulously tested to withstand harsh sunlight and variable temperatures, ensuring they remain highly UV and weather-resistant at all times.

515 Palm Shade

Palm Shade takes the classic style of white marble to define your garden kitchen. The elegant surface will work beautifully alongside stainless-steel barbecues, wooden butcher blocks, or as a spectacular stand-alone island feature. Made up of a white base and subtle veining, the translucency of the product gives the surface an earthy depth. Versatile by design, this beautiful stone complements neutral facades and a variety of outdoor landscapes bringing an element of light to any outdoor setting.

405 Midday

Midday creates an organic look relating to the beauty of nature, working well next to neutral facades, tiling, stone, or light wooden decking. Place plant pots in warm grey, beige, or terracotta to complete the outside setting, where the surrounding foliage can create a play of light and shadows on this stylish countertop. Conjure up the image of relaxing gardens with accents of metal, glass, or classic wicker furniture.

406 Clearskies

Clearskies definitely compliments materials such as concrete, clay pavers, and wooden decking in contemporary backyards. Bring an earthen style to your outdoor countertops, backsplashes, and tables thanks to the metallic accent of black or brass found within this luxurious stone.

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