Silestone Urban Crush – Count The Textures Of The City3 min read

Silestone has just launched the new Urban Crush collection, inspired by the different textures of the city and the urban style. The four new stones are made up of shades of concrete, limestone, bronze and ash that will revolutionize both homes and commercial spaces.

The collection has been designed for lovers of urban space with hints of industrial style – we all know that this is a popular design trend in recent years. Each one of the stones allows you to enjoy your interior, playing creatively with the textures and tones you use throughout.

Designed for the environmentally conscious, it is made through a more sustainable manufacturing process, using less than 40% crystalline silica in its composition, 99% recycled water, 100% renewable energy and a minimum of 20% recycled materials, such as glass, in its composition. The Urban Crush collection also features Silestone’s HybriQ+ technology.

Silestone quartz worktops offer a number of advantages over other types of worktops, such as granite and marble. Silestone is highly durable, there are many colours and patterns to choose from, and it’s eco-friendly.

Let’s take a look at the four new Silestone worktops colours below.

Brass Relish – Soft Metallic Touch

Brass Relish is a new colour to Silestone and features in the Urban Crush collection. Featuring a grained brown, it embodies finely grained sandstone blending seamlessly with the colours and design elements of modern vintage style. The coppery brown stands as the perfect base colour for copper, dark wood or dark-coloured walls.

Create bolder combinations with intense colours such as orange, green and blue with this beautiful coloured quartz surface.

Cinder Craze – Starry Night

Cinder Craze is a new colour to Silestone and features in the Urban Crush collection. It’s a modern reinterpretation of black sandstone that combines dark accents and white shell veins. This tone will perfectly match natural materials, textures as well as bold contrasting colours.

This tone brings style, character and life to an industrial-style interior. The colour fits perfectly with natural materials and textures while creating a nice contrast with brighter colours such as orange and blue. It’s also the perfect complement for light-filled spaces rich in plants and decorated with fabrics of varying densities.

Is sobriety with a modern twist your thing? Cinder Craze will definitely be your winner among the four colours of the new collection.

Concrete Pulse – Downtown Hero

Concrete Pulse is a new colour to Silestone and features in the Urban Crush collection. The grey tone, inspired by the concrete of the city is perfect for eclectic interiors where it helps to create a vibrant show of contrasts. The natural grey shade is the best backdrop to complement eye-catching accessories and highlight details.

Want to create a memorable design? Use eclectic combinations of textured glass and voluminous fabrics.

Lime Delight – Light Up The Town

Lime Delight is a new colour to Silestone and features in the Urban Crush collection. The textured beige tones within this stone are versatile enough for an interior design, from calm and pure spaces to more unexpected proposals. Its bright warm shades bring to mind the radiance of the famous Marbella limestone.

The tones are perfect for providing a versatile background to mix with vibrant colours and textures to create an urban kitchen design style.


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