The new Metropolitan Collection by Caesarstone3 min read

Caesarstone has bought a new collection to their range called the Metropolitan Collection. They consist of rough, tough and unpolished looks, that forms part of the revival of modernism, a rethinking of brutalism and the rekindling of industrial architecture.

The robust construction finishes have become a popular choice amongst urban consumers. They are inspired by factories and lofts with the design being reflected against the authentic textures of manufacturing, such as oxidized steel, poured plaster and raw concrete.

The colours within this collection have been designed and made capturing real depth and movement; making them inspiring in kitchen, surprising in bathrooms and striking in hospitality. Each slab is unique which reflect the authentic patinas of industrial materials.

At Cawdor Stone, we are approved fabricators of Caesarstone. Caesarstone offers one of the widest ranges of designed quartz surfaces available in the industry. We are proud to announce this truly unique collection to Caesarstone as well as to our array of colours and designs.

The Metropolitan Series

4046 Excava

Excava from the Metropolitan Series consists of deep auburns, chestnuts and coppers sweeping through an unpolished canvas with an excavated look and feel.

4023 Topus Concrete

Topus Concrete from the Metropolitan Series consists of subtle pink hues on a fossilized looking surface. The dynamic design adds opaque tones to the textured material that will complete any design style.

4011 Cloudburst Concrete

Cloudburst Concrete from the Metropolitan Series is a white on white toned surface that delivers a truly unique look. The design works perfectly alongside light and dark timbers, stainless steel and concrete surfaces providing an ideal look to industrial loft looking spaces and minimal contemporary aesthetics.

4033 Rugged Concrete

Rugged Concrete from the Metropolitan Series is a reinterpretation of real concrete which has become very popular over recent years in modern design and architectural interiors.

4044 Airy Concrete

Airy Concrete from the Metropolitan Series is a versatile light grey that presents a richness that minimalism can achieve. It has been designed to have a true feel of concrete that is versatile enough to accompany all shades of timber, tiles or slate.

4601 Frozen Terra

Frozen Terra from the Metropolitan Series is a classic, neutral-colours white quartz base accented with black and grey sparkles. It has a unique industrial feel that is perfectly suitable for demanding applications such as kitchen worktops, vanity tops, walls and floors.

4003 Sleek Concrete

Sleek Concrete from the Metropolitan Series is made up of a warm grey base and is the perfect solution to create a modern industrial look.

4004 Raw Concrete

Raw Concrete from the Metropolitan Series is a natural soft grey colour with a distinctive texture delivering the classic industrial concrete look that is popular in today’s homes.

4001 Fresh Concrete

Fresh Concrete from the Metropolitan Series is a delicate and clean modern industrial stone, with delicate white and light warm grey features. It will enhance the overall look of the kitchen.

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