Transforming your Kitchen after looking at Worktop Samples3 min read

After you’ve looked at worktop samples you might wonder what’s next in transforming your kitchen design ideas into reality. We recommend that you put careful thought into each element’s placement, which will help you create a cohesive design that will truly elevate your kitchen.

The next step is to evaluate your sample and determine whether it meets all of your requirements. If you’ve looked at a variety of colours and tones, note down what one already stands out in your eyes. Assess the colours of each sample in different lights and what they look like in possible placements within your kitchen. Consider how these samples will fit in with any new cabinets or colours, or existing items that already inhabit your space.

We would also want you to test the maintenance level and see for yourself just how easy it would be to clean the surface and care for it. The stones that we work with are engineered to the highest of standards for minimal care and maintenance, neither are porous nor require any sealing, which makes wiping up spills and drips in your kitchen always quick and easy. Each worktop you will look at, at Cawdor Stone has been beautifully and specifically crafted for the heart of your home and our team are on hand to help you choose the perfect one.

Bring with you mood boards as this will help you determine what sample is best suited to your style. Whether you want it to complement your chosen colours, textures and materials or contrast them with a bold look, create a cohesive design that can easily translate from your board to your kitchen. Samples are the perfect piece to anchor your mood board and focus your ideas. Whittling down your choices and options will help you decide your worktop, completing your theme and allowing you to move on to the next stage.

Don’t be anxious, as all our worktop surfaces are so stylish and versatile that they can complement a wide range of colourways and different kitchen materials. Just because you’ve settled on a specific type, it doesn’t mean you’re suddenly limited to just one theme. Don’t feel that you can’t mix things up later down the line, as refreshing your kitchen with other complementing textures and elements that are on trend will still work with your chosen worktop.

Are you looking for a marble-style worktop or a bold and deep worktop? Once you are satisfied with the stone design you have chosen, you can then start thinking about the installation process.

Pop down to our showroom today and start creating your dream kitchen by looking at our range of worktops.

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