Ways to add colour to your Kitchen3 min read

When picking a colour scheme for your kitchen it can be quite a challenge but also an opportunity for your personality to shine through with brave and bold colours.

Of course, there are things to remember along the way… Colours can affect moods so you need to think carefully about what you want to achieve in the space. The kitchen is known as the hub of the home where we spend most of our time, it can be used as a calming retreat as well as an area to entertain in with family and friends. Consider natural light too, as kitchens facing north will naturally feel darker and south-facing rooms will feel cooler.

When opting for the finish of the kitchen cabinets choosing the texture is extremely important. A glossy shade could be lost in a matt form, whilst a simple white will have a completely different feel to a glamorous gloss.

In this blog, we will show you ways in how to add pops of colour to your hub of the home.

Colour your kitchen with confidence just like our client did below in their kitchen with a bright worktop. They went on a holiday of a lifetime to America and hired out a house which had a truly stunning American kitchen. They wanted to implement this to their English home and add bright red quartz worktops to a white colour scheme.

This is the Compac New Passion quartz worktops in 20mm. We think this is a fab look with a stunning contrast between the high gloss white cabinets and red quartz. There are small stardust flecks in this material too so it really catches the light beautifully. ⠀

A coloured quartz or granite worktop will add the pop of colour easily to the kitchen design and work well within both contemporary and traditional homes.

We have many styles and colours available.

Do you have a favourite colour? It might be worth looking around your home including your wardrobe to find clues on colours you like. Kitchens are one of the most creative rooms to design, so get inspired and choose colours that excite you and shine your personality through.

Do you like a two-tone colour scheme? Can’t you decide between a white and grey? Why not have both! Fitted kitchens these days no longer have to be one colour. People are now opting for blocks of units in one colour with an island in an accent shade to create a bold statement.

If you love creams, whites, greys and neutrals it doesn’t mean to say that your kitchen can’t be vibrant, fun or welcoming. You can pair neutrals with vibrant colours or metallics, with eye-catching furnishings such as the bar stools, vases, ornaments and blinds.

Make your kitchen stand out from the rest of the house. Use harmonising shades and create it to your personality.

Wooden elements can bring a variety of colours and textures into the kitchen, as well as a timeless appeal. Rich antique oak and warm light oak can create a welcoming space that can be used in both modern and traditional styles, with added elegance and relaxing vibes.

Change the walls, floors, gadgets, soft furnishings and pots and pans to keep to colour trends and your dream kitchen.

Light up the room with artificial and natural light. Under-cabinet lighting will provide you with enough light for a safe working area, as well as mood lighting to set the scene for that Saturday night. You could also add colour with a beautiful pendant suspended from the ceiling.

When it comes to the design of the kitchen we say think outside the box. Choose colours that you and your family will love, so if you love red, go for it.

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