Get More Worktop Space with an L-Shaped Kitchen4 min read

L-shaped kitchens are practical, concise and best of all they look great! They are an ideal kitchen layout for a budding chef with everything you want at hand.

An L-shaped design is where two adjoining walls meet in the corner forming an “L” connected with worktops. They allow for more floor space more than a U-shaped layout and are very popular in today’s designing of kitchens. In a large kitchen area, you could have one surface run along a wall and the other to protrude into the living space, this could also be used for a divider in an open-plan space.

In this blog, we will show you how an L-shaped layout can provide you with a magnificent multi-functional hub of the home all completed with a quartz or granite worktop.

Our client below in their L-shaped kitchen chose the Brazilian Granite known as Azzurite. It matches their colour scheme and dream look!⠀

Perfect for smaller kitchens

To make the most out of a smaller kitchen an L-shaped layout is ideal. It allows storage and appliances to be on two sides of the room and the other sides of the room free and open. It makes the overall space seem bigger and a great space to socialise in.

Painting the room in light colours will also open up the space and you could add a table and chairs placed on one side of the room to allow for hosting guests and extra worktop space.

We supplied and fitted this stunning Granite called Nero Assoluto Antiqued in 30mm thickness to our client’s L-shaped kitchen below. The luxury finish of the worktop is textured to the touch adding to the overall pleasure of this wooden and white high gloss kitchen.

The kitchen island

A kitchen island or breakfast bar in an L-shaped layout adds an extra place to eat, extra worktop space, extra storage and a great focal point for the centre of the room. This can be painted in a dramatic hue to tell a story and/or add a prominent marble stone to the top with deep dramatic veins.

At Cawdor Stone, we have many stone options available with a marble style. We supply from some of the main manufacturers in the stone industry, making them the ideal choice for your kitchen theme and functionality.

This dark grey quartz was installed for our client in Aylesbury, its called Compac Plomo and its a very popular stone for the uniformed grey colour which is the perfect contrast for just about any colour of kitchen door, from white gloss like this kitchen to red which also looks amazing!⠀

As you can see the kitchen is an L-shaped layout in 30mm with the breakfast bar on the left in 20mm.⠀

Storage within an L-shaped

Storage in a kitchen is very important, especially when designing the ultimate kitchen that suits all of your needs. You want the L-shaped layout to be as functional as possible, as well as stylish.

There are many kitchen cabinet options available, but we think floor-to-ceiling units are an ideal solution as they give you extra room. Remember though to fill your kitchen with adequate lighting, so you don’t have to deal with dark spots. A storage carousel in the corner is also great, it allows you to use all space available.

Thinking of where the appliances will be placed is another factor to consider. The ‘kitchen triangle’ allows the kitchen to be as multi-functional as possible and the appliances such as the sink, oven and fridge positioned in the correct area. They need to be installed in a comfortable distance apart for convenience and ease.

Dare to be different, like our client with her Compac New Passion quartz worktops in 20mm. We think this is a fab look for this beautiful L-shaped kitchen with a stunning contrast between the high gloss white cabinets and red quartz.⠀

Create an illusion

An illusion can be created with an L-shaped layout offering a much bigger space. More floor space is added, making it easier to move around. Try and store as much as possible, so the worktops aren’t cluttered, plus you don’t want to hide those beautiful surfaces.


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