Creating a Breakfast Bar in the Kitchen5 min read

There are many reasons why a breakfast bar should be thought about. They make for the ideal place for breakfast as well as an informal meal. They are also great for many other things such as a brilliant seating area for eating a quick meal and bringing family and friends together over a glass of red, serving those delicious nibbles why the chef prepares and cooks the dinner.

The breakfast bar makes for a modern statement in the kitchen, which is a laid-back eating area great for an open-plan space. When they were first designed they were just used for eating breakfast around it, but in today’s world, they have evolved into a place that can be used for working, entertaining and relaxing.

A breakfast bar with a solid surface is the ideal finishing statement to the kitchen. At Cawdor Stone, we have many stone materials to choose from to fit in with your style and give you a long-lasting finish.

Our client below added a quartz worktop to their kitchen and breakfast bar. The breakfast bar is situated on the other side to the main kitchen allowing for all of the space to get used in this L-shaped layout. Extra storage cabinets were added too to make it as multi-functional as possible. The Compac Plomo was chosen, it’s dark grey in colour and very popular. It’s the perfect colour to contrast against the sleek white and stainless steel materials.

In many houses they have replaced the dining table, offering extra space and the ultimate focal point in the kitchen. They can be painted in bright, modern colours to make it more eye-catching and used as a divider to separate the different zones.

A breakfast bar sits at about 90cm tall, which is the same height as the kitchen work surfaces. In some designs, the breakfast bar can be taller or lower than these surfaces, with a gas lift chair being the most suitable bar stool.

When it comes to the breakfast bar, there are many shapes and sizes you can choose from. When designing the breakfast bar you want to know if it’s going to be used for a seating area, and/or a place to prep and cook food, as this will determine on the shape and size.

  • Curved- Curved breakfast bars create a bold fashion statement to your kitchen. A “U” shaped curve is perfect to create drama and dramatic effects to the style, with enough room to sit a few people, making it perfect for larger families.
  • Rectangular- The rectangular breakfast bar is an original design and a very popular shape. With it almost being like a table, it will give a traditional warmth to the kitchen adding extra seating and a great way to add additional features such as hobs and fridges.
  • L-shaped- L-shaped breakfast bars add visual interest and fine lines across the whole entire kitchen design. The units are joined at a right angle where the stools will sit on the outer sides of the “L”.
  • T-shaped- T-shaped breakfast bars are very different from your ordinary one. The stem of the “L” is placed verticle and has lots of space for seating either side.
  • Circular- A circular breakfast bar can create consistency in the kitchen with curved style stools too. Add a circular extension to the rectangular bar or make a full circled breakfast bar. It is also perfect for smaller kitchens making a design statement.
  • Elevated extension- An elevated extension adds dynamic and height to the room that separates the eating area from the rest of the worktop.
  • Lowered extension- A lowered extension allows you to eat at a dining table height. This is certainly perfect if you don’t have a separate dining room and most suitable for young children and elderly people.
  • High table- A high table is a great alternative to a breakfast bar and perfect for smaller spaces. A high table allows you to place those sleek comfy barstools underneath.

A dream kitchen was created for our client below. The brick column in the middle was the focus of this beautiful breakfast bar. It’s square in shape with a Carrara style quartz on top providing a luxurious finish and a warmth feel. Bar stools glide spaciously around allowing for guests and family members to sit comfortably when eating.

Our client chose a granite worktop to complete their hub of the home. Black Fusion filled the area with blends of whites, orange and ochre tones, with a deep black background all around the kitchen and on this convenient breakfast bar. The thickness is 30mm with low profile supports underneath. The kitchen had extra space that wasn’t going to be used for anything, so this was an ideal idea to use a stone worktop on a high table.⠀

This beautiful property has two kitchen areas to it where a separate curved breakfast bar can sit offering a dramatic effect to the space. Our client chose the Cambria Surfaces Langdon to complete their kitchen. This particular stone brings inspiration from the coast of Kent to the design. The material brings a natural marble feel, in combination with colours of beiges, white spots and dark dynamic veins that evoke the movement of water. It surely is the perfect natural stone to bring luxury to your home.

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