Sintered Surfaces – Why choose this surface for the home?4 min read

This innovative building material stands out for many reasons, it’s strength, durability, design and sustainability are second to none and is highly versatile and functional for the home – especially in the kitchen design. They have also been found in various industries, including architecture, interior design and construction due to their combination of aesthetics and durability.

Sintered worktops come in a variety of colours, styles and finishes, allowing you to find the perfect option to match your home’s design and aesthetic. They are low-maintenance and long-lasting, making them a popular choice in the modern home.

So, what is a sintered surface?

A sintered surface is a natural product and is built up from stone dust, minerals or pigments. The sintering process is where minerals melt and solidify at high temperatures, resulting in a material that has several desirable properties for various applications.

We are proud to work with Neolith, a sintered surface specialist who is inspired by the organic process and produces each stone with extreme heat and pressure to honour nature in their finishes and also in their manufacture. The result is an ultra-compacted surface that consists of beauty and great performance.

Large-format sintered surfaces by Xtone are also something we love to work with. The advantage of this material is its high performance and unique design. It creates spaces characterized by the beauty, functionality and longevity of each stone and is ideal for all types of projects.

Neolith in a few words

Neolith has created the raw material to build spaces for the future. Their sintered stone is manufactured with 100% natural raw materials and the result is made of great effort. Their main goal is Zero Waste – the use of recycled raw materials and production with a neutral impact on the generation of CO2. This material allows Neolith to build a future for everyone.

Since 2009, the Esteve family has been producing revolutionary architectural surfaces with premium technical features. They never stop evolving, researching and developing new technologies because their objectives are clear:

  • To keep inspiring and creating bright and bold spaces that are enjoyed to the fullest.
  • To make sustainable environments a reality.
  • To work responsibly with society and build a future we can all look forward to.

Completing the household construction with a sintered surface

A sintered surface can be used in household construction from kitchen and bathroom worktops, flooring and cladding to sinks, shower trays, washbasins and even exclusive furnishings. This product even allows you to take it outside and create outdoor kitchens, terraces, and swimming pools, as well as building facades.

Each surface is available in different thicknesses and finishes for each application. What you will have is a truly contemporary, welcoming and highly functional space.


Choosing a sintered worktop for your kitchen has many advantages over other materials. This stone material is resistant to stains and bacteria, due to the fact that they are not very porous, making them easier to clean. You can also use Neolith products for kitchen sinks, washbasins and bathroom worktops. These gorgeous stones are full of unique characteristics for each part of the home.


Using a sintered surface for cladding guarantees colour consistency and high resistance and durability over time. They only have to be applied in 3mm thickness for wall cladding as they can be laid on top of other tiling.

If used on the floor, it can be applied in various formats.

Pools & Outdoor Spaces

Sintered stone is particularly suitable for the floor of a swimming pool and outdoor spaces. Becuase of the near-zero porosity benefits, this helps prevent the growth of mould and bacterias. Additionally, the material’s strength, thickness and high-resistance gives its a competitive advantage over other types of flooring.

Are you looking to decorate your outdoor space? Choose a Neolith surface for style and sophistication from their many designs.


Furniture made from a sintered stone is fast become an interior trend due to its performance and disruptive aesthetics. Office furniture is a big one as a sintered surface is being used for desks and shelving creating a minimalist and sophisticated design.

A sintered stone can be used in outdoor spaces too for benches, and fireplaces inside the home due to its resistance to fire and temperatures.


Due to this special stone being able to withstand temperature changes, it has ideal technical qualities for facades. It’s also waterproof, and highly-resistant to abrasion, fire, ultraviolet rays and chemicals. The perfect choice for inspiring architectural styles.


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