Neolith “The New Classtone Collection”6 min read

Feel the strength and light of natural stone from Neolith’s new collection “Classtone”. The colours range from pure white to the deepest black which allows you to choose the exact feeling you want the stone to produce. Each surface from the new “Classtone” is always unique, and if chosen for your kitchen or bathroom countertop, elegance is assured.

Neolith surfaces are revolutionary with premium technical features. Neolith never stops evolving, researching and developing new technologies because their objectives are clear.

Today, Neolith positions itself with strong sustainability credentials, achieving the prestigious gold medal in Ecovadis Sustainability Assessment.

Below we take a look at each stone in more detail. Which one are you choosing?

Abu Dhabi White

Abu Dhabi White takes its inspiration from classic white marble and the Sheikh Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. The off-white background features golden-greyish veins that give the effect of an eroded surface for a more natural look.

The soft golden veining and grey speckles offer an original yet understated look as if you were looking at the shimmering views of the desert.


Alexandra is an update to the natural material referred to as “superwhite”. The tones are a more greyish shade of elegance and this surface is named in honour of one of the most historic and magnificent cities in the ancient world, Alexandria. Three things come to mind when looking at this stone, plush richness, royalty and elegance.


Amazonico simulates exotic colourful marble with its greenish tone. The dark and mysterious design transports you to the exuberance and exoticism of the jungle with the lighter tones coming through to represent the light that rises from the treetops.

If you choose the slate finish, this allows the characteristics of the stone to stand out with a bit of a shiny tone to coincide with the design.


Arabesque comes from classic marble with the advantages of sintered stone. Consisting of bold and striking colours, this surface is a beautiful accent to any space. The dark, rhythmic veins and light background make it one of the most striking from the “Classtone” collection. The beautiful veins evoke the very essence of arabesque art, resulting in an eye-catching and luxurious look.

Blanco Carrara

Blanco Carrara is a classic and is known for the cool tone on a white background with soft greyish veins. It’s inspired by authentic Carrara marble and features natural aesthetic elements.


Calacatta is an award-winning surface that has won major international awards for its design quality and originality. The balance of uniform grey veins on an intense white background adds brightness and radiance to any space.

Calacatta Gold

Calacatta Gold creates glamour and distinction wherever it’s applied. The greyish pattern with bright golden veins makes it the perfect choice for the most sophisticated and exclusive spaces.

Calacatta Luxe

Calacatta Luxe intensifies its colours to offer golden, ochre and grey tones complemented with a white background. The eye-catching and striking effect is sure to captivate and impress.

Calacatta Royale

Calacatta Royale comes from marble with grey, neutral, defined veins on a white background. This surface retains all the benefits and beauty of its predecessor and at the same time exudes class and beauty. It’s perfect for a luxurious space.


Calatorao is made with a chocolate brown background and white and gold veins, creating the most contemporary finish for any atmosphere. It’s full of personality that can enhance any space.


Calista comes from Italian Serpeggiante marble with pearly tones which is ideal for any space. It features gently flowing veins on a soft background that give this model the feel of beauty and tranquillity. It is elegant, calming and gentle in appearance and does not demand attention.

Colorado Dunes

Colorado Dunes is an innovative model as far as design and technology evoking strength and comfort. It’s filled with beige and earthy tones in line with today’s design trends. It features a blend of the eternal durability of the Rocky Mountains and the soft, inviting appeal of the state’s great sand dunes.


Estatuario is another classic inspired by one of the most highly valued natural stones. Its clean design, together with the thick yet subtle veins, add elegance and a touch of freshness and class to any space.

Himalaya Crystal

Himalaya Crystal stands out due to the interpretation of quartz and the definition. It’s known for its visible veins that create a sublime contrast of shapes that are both authentic and elegant, just like the crystals at the top of the summit.


Layla comes from volcanic stones, providing an elegant yet sombre style due to the dark and neutral tones. With white veins and a textured finish, certain details stand out with shiny touches. The magic story this surface tells is tales of love set in caves filled with gold.

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc represents quartzite yet enhances the natural features of the material and is designed to be adaptable to all types of atmospheres. The neutral tone is captivated with subtle black, ocher and rust-coloured veins. Elegance in every sense of the word.


Niagara comes from the classic Negro Marquina marble which is in line with current trends. The black background and white veining give a lot of depth, with the colourway being achieved through innovation to get such natural products. Think of the mighty Niagara River and Falls that separate Canada and the United States, Niagara is dark, powerful and romantic.


Pulpis is inspired by the national classic yet the features offered by sintered stone. Featuring white and orange veining on a brown background, this design is suitable for contemporary spaces.

San Simone

San Simone is an alternative to classic marble. The white background design with dark veins that range from a fine elegant thickness to a width giving the model character. The warm classic tones and varying veins are an ongoing trend that bring luxury to the home.

Strata Argentum

Strata Argentum is inspired by marble and offers a more stone-like look with the Riverwashed finish and beige tones. Neolith’s take on the Italian Silver Travertine.


Whitehaven represents exotic quartzite in neutral tones and is a great choice for any space from the most minimalist to the most sophisticated. The swirling patterns move unexpectedly across the surface and light up any space where it’s applied. It is classy, exotic and full of joy.

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