Why a White Kitchen Colour Scheme is Perfect for a Small Space2 min read

When it comes to a small kitchen space an all-white colour scheme is perfect for them. There are many reasons why and below we will take a look at why an all-white kitchen is ideal for petite home abodes.

White is light reflecting

White is full of light reflecting qualities and is the brightest pigment on the colour spectrum. It shines and reflects around a room, creating a sense of spaciousness and expansion. When combined with other white features it gives the illusion of more room.

Blend seamlessly through the kitchen design

You can blend seamlessly throughout the whole of the space by connecting white cabinetry with the worktops and floor. Create an open-plan space that won’t feel disconnected from the ground all the way up to the ceiling. You can do this by choosing white worktops with a splashback to make the room feel even bigger than it is.

If you have the budget and outdoor space you could potentially reconfigure your kitchen layout or build an extension to make the space even bigger.

Connect with the outdoors

White quartz worktops create a connection with nature and the great outdoors by the elements they have within them. A marble countertop from Caesarstone combines enhanced quality and durability throughout their products.

Create warmth and cosiness

It depends on what shade of white you go for, but when combining with soft neutrals you can create a warmth and cosiness feeling within the room. A white kitchen will always produce a true elegant sanctuary.

Always fresh and Clean

With a white foundation, there always comes freshness. It means that your kitchen will be cleaned much more quickly, preventing a build-up of dirt due to the fact that spills aren’t so easily disguised.


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