Top tips for creating a child friendly kitchen

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 14th December 2016

Multi-tasking is common practice for parents. Many will know the difficulty of trying to cook a meal at the same time as keeping kids entertained and safe in a kitchen environment. Children may charge through a kitchen at will, and sometimes may even want to join in with the cooking. Your parental instincts may be […]

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child friendly kitchen
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How to increase the value of your home

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 2nd September 2016

Giving your house a bit of regular love and attention can majorly boost its appeal to eventual buyers. Indulging your home with a few well-planned remodels or adjustments, no matter how big or small, not only bumps up its value percentage for the future, but will also allow you and your family to enjoy the […]

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Design Trends 2016: How to achieve the perfect marble bathroom

Posted by Cawdor Stone Gallery Team on 19th August 2016

An increasingly popular design trend in modern times, the use of marble in bathrooms has long been recognised as a mark of class, creating a sophisticated look for any bathroom. Marble is a hard-wearing, easy-clean metamorphic form of limestone that is often patterned with veins and mottling. No two pieces of marble are the same, […]

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