How to increase the value of your home4 min read

Giving your house a bit of regular love and attention can majorly boost its appeal to eventual buyers. Indulging your home with a few well-planned remodels or adjustments, no matter how big or small, not only bumps up its value percentage for the future, but will also allow you and your family to enjoy the improvements in the present.

The most important thing to remember is to plan carefully – don’t make changes on a whim, and ensure you focus on one room at a time. To help you choose what modifications to make, take a look at our accessible guide on how to increase the value of your home.

Overhaul your kitchen

Rumoured to the be the space that sells a house, many estate agents will tell you that the kitchen is the room that is valued above any other, offering a 3 to 7% add-on value. There are many means to upgrade this area, but adding a statement stone counter is one of the best. Granite and quartz worktops offer sleek, opulent surfaces that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but are also hardy enough to withstand the wear and tear of a kitchen. Other amendments to enhance your kitchen could include hanging new curtains, replacing cabinets or making relevant repairs.

marble and granite worktops

Pamper your bathroom

Bathrooms don’t just have to serve a purely functional purpose; transform yours into a serene sanctuary for relaxation. A marble or granite bathroom can add a luxurious, calming atmosphere as well as being visually striking for viewers. Quality stones come in a variety of colours and patterns, making them versatile and able to complement any interior design. You could even use them to create a wet room to help add to the spa-like feel. Other touch-ups you could make include re-grouting, transforming the lighting arrangements, or installing a statement sink. Do it well, and the value of your home could increase by 2-3%.

Keep it neutral

Bright green or purple walls are a very individualistic choice that could prove distracting when viewers explore your property. When it comes time to sell, a more neutral decor will complement your rooms better and allow the buyer to concentrate on the qualities and features of the house rather than the overwhelming colour schemes. Just adding a quick coat of paint can give your rooms a breath of fresh air, as well as potentially adding 1-3% value to your home. 

Enhance the exterior

The exterior is the first impression anyone receives of your home, right from current visitors to potential future buyers, and improvements can add 2-5% value to your property. Also called ‘kerb appeal’, your home’s external attractiveness can be improved by simple tasks such as repainting the front door and windows, fixing any damaged brickwork or repairing any roofing damage. Why not overhaul your driveway too? Consider replacing industrial-looking tarmac and concrete with gravel or paving stones for a more homely look.

Spruce up your garden

Make sure your outside space doesn’t become too wild by keeping it neat and presentable. Consider erecting a trellis, or installing decking or paving stones to add a variety of textures.

garden landscaping

Maintain and manage

An essential element for the upkeep of your home is to spot any issues the moment they arise, and to identify features that could be replaced or changed, such as doorknobs, taps or even lighting arrangements. Doing odd jobs and quick-fixes around your home on a regular basis improves both the aesthetic and functional quality of your home.

Convert and extend

If you’re feeling ambitious and ready to tackle a large project, adding a conservatory, extension or embarking on a loft conversion could be the way to go. Not only that, but these additions can boost your selling price, sometimes up to 20% for the bigger ventures.

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