The 5 Kitchen Worktops that never go out of Style3 min read

These timeless choices of worktops are popular and suit any homeowner. Homeowners want to find countertops that won’t go out of style when designing their kitchens. Kitchen design is always changing as the years go by, so choosing the best worktops that won’t go out of style is a reliable investment for any home.

There are a few work surfaces that have been trendsetters, some that remain popular and other styles that have come and gone. We look at each one below.

Why some worktops don’t go out of style?

Have you ever wondered why some work surfaces don’t go out of style? Kitchen worktops that enhance not only functionality but also elevate the overall visual appeal of the kitchen space are unlikely to ever go out of style.


Marble worktops have remained a timeless and enduring choice in interior design for several reasons. It isn’t the hardest of materials but offers a clean and elegant charm. Marble is the go-to veined kitchen worktop trend, effortlessly blending with a range of styles and colour schemes that make it an easy choice.

Luxury and opulence are often associated with marble and the natural beauty, unique veining pattern and polished surface give it the high-end look and feel.

While it requires a bit more maintenance compared to granite, its beauty often outweighs the cons for many homeowners.


Quartz worktops offer the ideal blend of versatility, style and durability and have remained widely popular for homeowners who want a low-maintenance alternative to marble – making them a favourite for many contemporary homes.

This stone is engineered from an incredibly hard material of natural quartz crystals and resins, making it highly heat-proof and scratch-resistant. Not only that it’s also a non-porous material making it resistant to stains and bacteria.

The neutral and timeless appearance of many quartz surfaces ensures that they can adapt to various design styles. Whether your style is classic, transitional, or modern, quartz countertops can seamlessly fit into the design scheme.


Granite stands the test of time and offers a seamless blend of durability and elegance. There is so much natural beauty within, the varied patterns and remarkable durability make granite a top choice for homeowners looking to create a lasting impact in their kitchens.

Like quartz, granite comes in a range of colours, making it an ideal material to complement your favourite kitchen style. The different colours and patterns available add a layer of individuality to every kitchen.

Butcher Block

The butcher block worktop is commonly used in kitchens forming a sturdy and visually appealing surface. The wood is sanded and treated with food-safe finishes to make it suitable for food preparation. Wooden elements bring a touch of nature indoors and create a cosy atmosphere and for those who appreciate natural beauty, a butcher’s block is the perfect choice.

It is however important to note that butcher block worktops require regular maintenance, including oiling, to prevent drying, staining or warping. It’s essential to wipe up spills promptly and avoid prolonged exposure to moisture.


Soapstone is extremely versatile and modern, not only dark and dramatic, but quite a safe option, since this dense natural stone has a soft feel and is very long-lasting. It is appreciated for its unique blend of beauty, durability and functionality – a popular choice for those seeking a distinctive and timeless natural stone surface in their home. The variety of colours allows you to customise your home.

This type of stone does require regular maintenance to maintain its appearance and prevent surface scratches. Applying mineral oil frequently is often recommended to enhance the stone’s colour and veining to keep the surface well-hydrated.



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