Top tips for creating a child friendly kitchen3 min read

Multi-tasking is common practice for parents. Many will know the difficulty of trying to cook a meal at the same time as keeping kids entertained and safe in a kitchen environment. Children may charge through a kitchen at will, and sometimes may even want to join in with the cooking. Your parental instincts may be telling you to keep them away from this potentially hazardous area, but as long as precautions are taken there is no reason why this space cannot be enjoyed as a family. To help you get started, read on to see our top tips for creating a child friendly kitchen.

Smooth the edges

If your house is home to an energetic youngster, ensure your stone worktops are specially tailored to eliminate sharp edges. Worktops with sharp edges and corners have great aesthetic quality, but could cause injury if children were to collide with them. Curves and rounded edges are not only safer but they also boast an elegant and polished finish that is less prone to chipping. At Cawdor stone we offer a range of different edge profiles; simply chat to one of our specialists to find out more or visit our showroom to see some samples.

Choose the right materials

When cooking with your kids, sometimes a well-meaning baking session can result in lots of mess, spillages and scattering of ingredients. If baking together is a key part of your family fun, it’s best to choose easy-wipe options for your kitchen counters. Granite and quartz are extremely durable stone materials that are scratch-resistant as well as being hygienic choices. In particular, quartz possesses a non-porous nature that can resist staining, leaving your counters clean and unblemished, while granite with the treatments we apply are equally stain resistant.

Heat proof surfaces

If you’re worried about your children burning themselves on hot surfaces, it may be worth investing in some heatproof hot rods for your worktops. These handy additions, thoughtfully located, allow you to place your hot pans out of the way to cool down, making sure to turn the handle away from a user. It’s also important to teach your kids what the ‘no-go’ areas of the kitchen are.

Create a kids corner

Kids like to be where the action is, so if the kitchen is the hub of activity, your children may want to stick around. In these situations, you should focus on both entertaining them and keeping them out of harm’s way. We suggest you create a ‘kids corner’ which should be an area of the kitchen specifically designated for your children to occupy. Furnish it with a table, colouring books and toys to keep your children engaged and out of the danger zone.

Invest in sturdy crockery

Until your children have grown up, it might be wise to shelve the family heirlooms and expensive china, and instead invest in crockery that can withstand wear and tear. Delicate items are risky with children around, and can sometimes lead to breakages. To prepare for accidents, purchase some sturdy yet stylish crockery for your kitchen. And as a final note, always remember to keep knives away from small hands, including those in the dishwasher.  

child friendly kitchen

Here at Cawdor Stone, we provide expert advice and bespoke stone products to both domestic and commercial clients alike. We are one of the UK’s leading stone suppliers, and provide granite, quartz and marble kitchens in numerous styles and colours, all of which are precisely tailored to our customers’ individual requirements. To keep your little ones safe, we can craft our kitchen worktops with a range of stone profiles, including curved corners. For more information, simply get in touch today.