The Story behind Caesarstone’s Work Surfaces3 min read

Caesarstone has been at the forefront of the stone industry since the 1980s. During this time, they have continually innovated in both aesthetics and performance. In this blog, we will look at their process behind designing an award-winning stone surface.

In the early development of a quartz stone surface, emphasis was on the technical benefits of this stone over marble or granite. This engineered stone has a much-improved resistance to temperature changes giving it an advantage for use in a kitchen. It is easier to clean, highly resilient, and unlikely to crack, discolour or change its appearance.

90% of Caesarstone quartz worktop surfaces are natural with lots of design possibilities. The early quartz surfaces were generally flat, monochrome colours with little visual appeal, but Caesarstone has always looked to leap beyond this uniform approach.

The Supernatural Collection pushes the boundaries of kitchen colour inspiration and natural stone with 22 designs to choose from that is taken from a branch, root structures or the subtle variations in colour tonality that draw the homeowner or the guest. There is a story and design journey behind each Caesarstone surface.

When the team come together to design a supernatural product, they explore qualities from different stones, as well as wider materials, combining the features and working on them until they are 100% happy. Their aim is to give homeowners a unique design that can’t be found anywhere else or in nature and a beautifully natural-looking product.

The Whitelight Collection is made up of eight elegant twists on classic marbles, offering the luxury and elegance you expect to get from a natural stone. Each has its own signature look that is unique to Caesarstone. Caesarstone wants to have a greater connection with the outside, and this collection is a visual reminder of the world around us and a focal point for the very heart of our homes.

Caesarstone’s kitchen design pedigree was reaffirmed with the launch of the Metropolitan Collection in 2018. They predicted the rise of urban and industrial aesthetics in domestic interiors and captured unique cutting-edge stone designs. The collection even won an award, in 2018. 4033 Rugged Concrete was the breakthrough product in the Metropolitan Collection, it had a key reference from a watercolour painting of the moon. 4735 Oxidian is one of the most recent additions to the collection and has unique design characteristics with blurred borders between the natural elements and industrial environments; how natural materials can look industrial, and when man-made materials rust or decay and take on an organic appearance.

Caesarstone has gone a step further in looking beyond the boundaries of interiors to truly reconnect with the outdoors. The outdoor space is a sanctuary we escape to for personal reflection and tranquillity, and for entertaining and socialising too. The Outdoor Collection has been designed with outdoor living in mind and curated to elevate any exterior area and transform it into an environment that’s enjoyed all year-round.

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