Caesarstone’s Approach to Sustainability and the latest Surface Trends3 min read

Caesarstone wanted to explain to us that if we work with them, they can confidently communicate their sustainability ethos to the eco-conscious customer, which is likely to be imperative to make the final purchase. Caesarstone states they are committed to creating a greener and safer future for their employees, customers, partners and communities.

Let’s take a look below at their approach to sustainability and their latest surface trends, which we are so excited about!

Research from Deloitte shows that 30% of consumers have chosen to shop with brands that have environmentally sustainable practices/values over the last year. Around 28% have said they stopped purchasing certain brands because of the ethics and sustainability around that company raising concerns.

The four main pillars of Caesarstone’s strategy are:

  • Sustainable products
  • Environmentally responsible production
  • Health and Safety
  • Social responsibility

The 2022 trends that are expected

Through the busy year of 2021 for home interiors and kitchen industries, the demand for products remains strong, with little signs of it slowing down in the new year. The data from Caesarstone points to the key trends that look set to continue over the next 12 months.

White Marbles

Caesarstone’s quartz products such as white marble and lighter stones continue to be on-trend. They have been popular throughout 2021 and will continue to be for many years due to the look of opulence, beauty and cleanliness.

The new products from the Whitelight Collection have sold in high volume throughout the year and research shows that this will continue to grow in 2022.

Aterra Blanca, Organic White and Frosty Carrina – offer subtle patterns and delicate veining.

White Attica, Empira White and Statuario Maximus – offer bold veining and intricate designs.

Matt Finishes & Rougher Textures

Caesarstone launched their Metropolitan Collection in 2018 with sleek and minimalist styles, yet with warmth and earthiness that belies their industrial inspiration. The range of unique designs are very popular and you will see this with the easy day to day care routine too.

Lighter tones have been a huge hit with consumers this year and continue to attract designers who are looking to create kitchens and interiors with industrial elegance.

Cloudburst Concrete, Airy Concrete and Fresh Concrete – are lighter and more delicate designs.

Rugged Concrete, Excava and Black Tempal – are darker and bolder designs.

Just a short distance from the showroom, we filled a modern kitchen with a wonderful quartz worktop known as Cloudburst Concrete 4011 by Caesarstone. This delightful home in Stevenage was supplied with two slabs of the stone – one for the kitchen island and the other for the main unit run. The texture and movement found within the stone complement this handleless furniture perfect, making it pleasing to the eye and adding a little brightness to the space.

Darker Tones

Dark surfaces are dramatic and can be sultry and moody or warm and cosseting depending on the materials they are paired with. Many consumers are turning away from traditional ‘triple white’ combinations.

Jet Black, Raven and Black Tempal – consist of minimalist designs and patterns.

Empira Black, Vanilla Noir and Oxidian – consist of striking, veining and bolder looks.

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