Caesarstone Mineral Surfaces – *Three New Colours*3 min read

Caesarstone introduces the next generation of mineral surfaces. Being an industry pioneer for over 35 years of leadership, they are excited to bring this premium, sustainable surface to their customers. Each surface is formulated using a unique blend of materials, developed through their pioneering expertise and advanced technology.

Unwavering Quality

Caesarstone surfaces adhere to the highest quality standards, ensuring longevity and peace of mind.

Quality is at the heart of Caesarstone’s work. Their surfaces adhere to the highest quality standards, ensuring outstanding longevity and customer satisfaction. We are committed to the durability and reliability of our products, standing behind them with a lifetime warranty as a testament to their unparalleled quality.

Sustainable Advancements

Caesarstone prioritises safe and environmentally responsible production to contribute to a better future for all.

Their latest innovation reflects this commitment by offering advanced solutions that align with their sustainability goals. They are dedicated to sustainability, promoting social responsibility, and continuously adapting to meet the changing demands of their customers.

Low Silica

Caesarstone introduces the next generation of mineral surfaces with reduced Crystalline Silica content.

Their latest innovation reflects their unwavering dedication to meeting evolving customer needs while prioritising sustainability. By harnessing a unique blend of natural minerals and advanced innovative materials, including recycled materials, Caesarstone delivers more advanced and sustainable solutions as part of its steadfast commitment to its customers and environment. They maintain stringent standards to ensure their products offer exceptional durability and aesthetics without compromise.

Synergetic Composition

A groundbreaking and distinctive formulation that elevates performance while increasing recycled content.

This innovative surface contains less than 40% crystalline silica and, in certain cases, less than 10%. Caesarstone’s surfaces exhibit a synergistic effect that enhances the best characteristics of each component, combining unique materials like Feldspar with recycled materials, including up to 30% recycled glass.


Sustainable Surfaces for Superior Durability

  • Nonporous
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Hygienic
  • Stain-free
  • Heat resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Enduring quality
  • Ease of installation

5140 Dreamy Carrara – Smooth White Veined Honed Mineral Worktop

Featuring a silky white base with hints of subtle off-whites and light greys, this worktop is adorned with a remarkable mesh of shiting intensities. It elegantly combines dynamic sedimentary veins in earthy greys and bluish undertones, complemented by darker streaks that echo the passage of time.

5113 Solenna – Warm White Veined Polished Mineral Worktop

This worktop features a warm bone-white base, delicately overlaid with a unique web of prominent earthy veins, putty grey lines, and touches of amber flashes. It offers a fresh, organic interpretation reminiscent of ancient topography.

5310 Brillianza – Cool Grey Veined Polished Mineral Worktop

An enigmatic sparkle of crystalline translucence, characterised by a dynamic sequence of frosty white veins merging into a cool-grey base. This surface is enriched by the interplay of light and shadow, complemented by subtle powder-peach mineral accents.

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