Caesarstone Porcelain Collection New Colours3 min read

Caesarstone’s new collection of colours is here! It’s shaping up to be one of their most exciting yet. These new colours take you on a journey where tradition meets innovation, and classic beauty takes centre stage.

This collection is inspired by the transformative process of stone forged over millennia. Drawing from archaeology and organic forms, incorporating elements of oxidation and fossilisation, Caesarstone has captured ancient beauty in seven striking new designs featured in their latest Porcelain offerings.

The markings of time are etched into fluid lines, geometric motifs, and bold veining of each product, resulting in versatile surfaces that seamlessly blend elegance and luxury with unmatched durability.

Caesarstone Porcelain surfaces are highly durable, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, empowering your passion for interior design while reflecting their commitment to continuous innovation. Create your dream kitchen indoors or out, with the confidence that these surfaces are built to withstand everyday use, providing peace of mind for day-to-day living.

581 Lucillia

Warm White Veined Silk Porcelain Worktop

A captivating warm white with a soothing aura, and subtle tone-on-tone layers that are adorned by evenly crackled icy veins and caramel accents. The design is reminiscent of weathered metamorphic rock. This surface combines the luxury of marble with the tactile feel of stone, enhanced by a velvety, soft silk finish.

507 Marbannova

Warm White Gold Veined Silk Porcelain Worktop

A luxuriously smooth warm white, enhanced by the dynamic flow of subtle gold, taupe, and grey lines that dissolve into a translucent, sedimentary cloud. This surface is heightened by a velvety texture and an uplifting soft silk finish.

508 Isobellia

Off-White Gold Veined Silk Porcelain Worktop

A remarkable representation of the passage of time on a neutral off-white canvas, adorned with a dynamic interplay of oversized veins and delicate crackled lines featuring ancient copper overlays, textured golden streaks, and earthy sediments. This unique composition is presented with a sleek and soft silk finish.

543 Marenstone

Beige Stone Porcelain Worktop

A neutral base with hints of ivory and beige granules, resembling fine particles of sand and crushed shells that have transformed into ancient stone over millennia. Mottled highlights and brown scuffs evoke the rugged appearance of a humble sedimentary rock, presented in a stone finish.

550 Silvax

Earthy Stone Porcelain Worktop

Misty clays form a two-toned earthy base streaked with silver greys, resembling the dense linear patterns of ancient travertine. This surface is enhanced by tiny oxidised puddles, metallic accents, layers of find alloy stratum, and creamy streaks blending into the neutral palette, imparting an airy appearance in a stone finish.

542 Mosstone

Sage and Off-White Porcelain Stone Worktop

A creamy base speckled with subtle sage and darker mossy tones, capturing the passage of times seen in natural stone. Lighter areas feature lively large aggregates, iodised impurities, and rust veins that infuse warmth and depth into this vibrant surface, presented in a stone finish.

544 Auralux

Textured Grey Stone Porcelain Worktop

A sophisticated neutral grey with intricate granular details composed of tiny shells, grains, aggregates, and impurities, creating an elaborate archaic texture reminiscent of tone-on-tone fossils. Warm grey and cashew tones are speckled with small moss rings and darker stone-washed dashes, presented in a stone finish.


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