Introducing Two New Colours to Technistone Standard Collection4 min read

The Standard collection consists of a vast range of solid colours, marble designs and those that have a sparkle or fleck. They have recently added two new colours to the collection that are both solid colours that will enhance any interior space.

Technistone’s quartz surfaces represent premium quality, which features timeless designs and excellent properties suitable for a wide range of residential and commercial projects. These worktops offer high mechanical and chemical resistance, non-porosity, and minimal absorption. They are created by joining carefully selected raw materials with high-quality polyester resin, then machined into durable slabs using original Breton production technology.

In 2019, Technistone joined the American company Wilsonart Engineered Surfaces, enabling the export of their products through a robust distribution network and local branches to numerous countries across all continents. With decades of experience, proven success, and ongoing research and development, Technistone is recognised as one of the world’s leading companies in engineered stone production. Customers particularly value the easy maintenance, non-porous surface, and high resistance to bacteria and scratches offered by Technistone products.

*NEW* Harmonia Navajo

Harmonia Navajo embodies a timeless beige hue that fosters harmony and balance. This stable, enduring shade offers solid advantages and is a dependable choice that will never disappoint. It complements and enhances any environment, providing a solid foundation that allows unique elements to shine. Neutral, harmonious, faithful, and reliable, this stone is a choice you can trust for generations to come.

*NEW* Crystal Vulcano

Elegant and bold – this is the essence of the black-on-black design of the new Crystal Vulcano. It will captivate those who favour dark shades with its mysterious allure and concealed depths. This unique shade of black draws inspiration from the dynamic energy of volcanic activity. Crystal Vulcano enriches Technistone’s array of black decors, offering a compelling choice for discerning tastes.

Colours already in the collection

Crystal Absolute White

Crystal Absolute White stands out as the whitest hue in the portfolio, embodying pure elegance in every interior. This design evokes a sense of refined luxury that captivates the senses.

Crystal Polar White

Crystal Polar White features a very fine structure with almost imperceptible grains of sand, making it the second whitest product in Technistone’s portfolio.

Crystal Nevada

Crystal Nevada is a stunning shade of white that complements modern kitchens perfectly, enhancing the overall aesthetic without overpowering it.

Starlight White

The snow-white background comes to life with its coarse mirror-like structure, illuminating even the darkest corners of any space.

Elegance Eco Nev

Elegance Eco Nev is part of the white group. Its neutral appearance allows for easy combination with colourful and dominant interior designs.

Brilliant White

Brilliant White exemplifies a new generation of globally renowned Starlight designs. Characterised by a fine, mirror-based structure and an eco-friendly SCS certificate.

Brilliant Arabesco

Brilliant Arabesco, featuring a crystal-white background and a distinctive, contrast-coloured design, is the ideal material for floor tiles in entrance halls of homes.

Crystal Royal

Crystal Royal features a subtle cream tone and polished surface, making it an excellent choice for completing your kitchen with a natural-toned worktop surface.

Taurus Terazzo White

The captivating combination of two designs, black and white, merge to create this flawless aesthetic.

Gobi Grey

More sophisticated shades of grey, presenting a distinctive design, suit nearly every type of home.

Gobi Urban

Urban, simple and stylish, the Gobi Urban material features a fine-grained structure with fractions of white and transparent quartz that soften its grey surface.

Taurus Terazzo Grey

A blend of natural materials unified within a single backdrop, this composition showcases its distinct features, enhancing the unique atmosphere of any interior.

Taurus Black

The darkest product in the series, featuring visible fragments of granite, creates a mysterious atmosphere and adds an air of intrigue to any interior.

Starlight Black

A hue from the renowned Starlight collection, known for its captivating designs. These colours are highly sought-after and commonly used for kitchen countertops, tiles, wall tiles, and staircases in both residential and commercial projects.

Gobi Black

Gobi Black evokes a stunning night sky-style design, adding texture to your kitchen surface while complementing the overall aesthetic.

Brilliant Black

Brilliant Black exemplifies a new generation of globally renowned Starlight designs. Characterised by a fine, mirror-based structure and an eco-friendly SCS certificate.

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