A Healthier Kitchen Pantry3 min read

Keeping healthy and fit has become part of our daily routines in recent years so why not make a few tweaks to your kitchen pantry and keep eating healthily all year round. Many of us have a few naughty treats in the cupboard, and that’s ok as long as you counteract the naughtiness for the good. Many people think that a healthy pantry is all about what’s inside, but organising it in a special way and the way you store the foods have a big impact too.

Our client below in Woolmer Green recently underwent a major refurb to their kitchen area. Our client wanted to keep within the kitchen trends to create a loveable pantry. It was kitted out with special racks for the spices and artisan shelves for other ingredients. We completed the bottom shelf of the pantry with the Caesarstone Airy Concrete making it more practical for our client.

To start making your pantry healthier spring clean it. Take everything out and give it a good clean, with updating the products to clean, fresh ones, you may find some out of date ones. It might be a task that isn’t enjoyable, but once it’s done you can sit back and relax to know that your pantry is sparkling clean and filled with an array of new healthier foods that are organised in a special and attractive way that is best for you and your family.

After you have cleaned the pantry, don’t just throw everything back in. Check expiry dates on all tins, jars and place in the bin if past its best. You want to only put products in that you are going to eat, so if you look at something and think “am I going to eat that?”, there is no point putting it back if you aren’t going to eat it.

Glass storage jars are perfect for an organised pantry. They help you buy only what you need, as well as stocking up on ingredients if you are running low. Having lots of storage jars full of different ingredients is a great way of trying new recipes. Glass is actually a healthier way of storing ingredients than plastic.

Organising is key to a healthy pantry as it’s an exciting new way to experience different recipes and will inspire you to cook. Keep these at the front for easy reach, and healthy snacks in a grab-to-go position. Using baskets, glass jars and canisters will help to keep everything organised, full of healthy ingredients. Your shopping list would never have been so easier. If you are limited to space and you haven’t got the room for a pantry, make one of your existing cupboards a mini pantry with shelves.

Filling the pantry up with easy-to-reach healthy foods is a great way of introducing healthy handmade snacks into your life. Make your own granola bars, or grab an oat cake and spread an even layer of peanut butter, YUM! Making sure the pantry is filled up will stop you thinking of that ‘naughty’ takeaway.

Say goodbye to processed and GMO foods. Processed foods are not at all good for us. They contain chemicals and toxins, which are bad for our health. The GMOs that processed foods are pumped with are engineered rather than grown naturally. If you are a baker, there are much healthier alternatives to sugar such as maple syrup, stevia and coconut sugar.

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