A kitchen design with Fifty Shades of Grey3 min read

A grey colour scheme in the kitchen has become increasingly popular, as well as the film trilogy – Fifty Shades of Grey. With it becoming a huge blockbuster movie, we thought it would be a fitting tribute to look into how the power of a grey hue can have when designed in the kitchen.

At Cawdor Stone, we have many stones available that will fit right into a grey colour scheme. Concrete kitchen worktops are very fashionable at the present time with them providing a quartz that is aimed to replicate both the look and feel of concrete with the styles varying colour from light to dark and even with some marbling and veining, mostly in grey hues.

Grey can be used in the kitchen to create a soft appeal and a fresh take on traditional designs, and a bold and fashionable take on modern designs. This colour is an ideal starting point to create new and exciting ideas to your home especially the hub of the home. Cooler greys look wonderful with stainless steel accents, and bright pops of colour, with traditional wooden features cooling down a darker grey hue.

Our client below chose the Cosmic White granite to complete their sleek and streamlined grey colour scheme. The Cosmic White is a beautiful granite with patterns of white, black and grey, with lots of stronger tones and fantastic waves running throughout the surface, a great contrast to the dark grey glossy cabinets.

When it comes to incorporating grey into the kitchen, layering up the different accents of grey and combining it with other accents will create a masterpiece and start the conversation. It is the perfect colour to create a sleek and sultry industrial style kitchen. An all-white kitchen is particularly pleasing to the eye with grey accents bursting through from the worktops or finishing touches.

Our client below chose the Compac Plomo quartz for their worktops in this sophisticated kitchen. It’s very popular for its uniform grey colour which is the perfect contrast for just about any colour of kitchen door, from white gloss like this kitchen to red. The barstools help lift the mood within the kitchen with their sleek design, and the light shade of the flooring brings the whole kitchen together.

Use the colour theory to help you to decide when choosing an accent of colour or mixed palette. Select contemporary colours which are next to each other on the colour wheel, or choose contrasting shades from opposite sides of the wheel.

Use the island for a focal point. Set it in a deeper tone to the wall and other cabinetry. For a stronger contrast, light and dark greys will work perfectly together, and two bold greys of the same weight and balance. Too much of a heavy colour will make the room feel smaller and isn’t great for smaller kitchens.

To make a bold statement in a grey kitchen is to colour block. Our client below chose to create their island as the main focal point and opt for the Bianco Eclipsia Quartzite, an incredible stone originating from Brazil with a white/grey appearance to fill their hub of the home with a touch of luxury. The light, bright white surrounding kitchen furniture opens up the space, satisfying the eye and the design itself and the exposed wooden beams add a touch of warmth to this large area.

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