A New Kitchen can mean a Healthier Lifestyle5 min read

The start of 2020 has seen many people become Vegan and eating more fruit and vegetables (plant-based). Healthier lifestyles are becoming the norm every day with the perfect body on some peoples minds, diets, healthy eating and going to the gym. Revamping the kitchen can be the first step in cleaning up your diet and providing the best healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

Personalising your kitchen in 2020 and making it attractive with simple navigation will make it easier for you to eat in ways that will promote the flow of vibrancy. It’s not all about going overboard with a healthy space, just de-clutter, organise and stock your space with food that makes you feel fantastic!

Building a large dresser or pantry into the kitchen space is the perfect place for mason jars, as well as open shelving. You can store all your pasta, grains, seeds and healthy nuts in the sleek jars to make the food look harmonious, appetizing to eat and make them stay fresher. Don’t be upset if you don’t have the space for a pantry, as open top shelving can look just as good and will certainly free up space on that beautiful quartz and granite worktops.

Spice racks line up the colourful flavours and are a bright idea for a small space. They add vibrancy to the kitchen and will make you more adventurous in your recipes. Say no more to the boring meals and add a touch of spice for a full flavour healthy recipe that you and your family will love.

Detox the fridge… this is one of the main priorities when planning for a healthier kitchen. Use up the less healthy foods before you take on a diet plan and search for healthier alternatives to satisfy your cravings. Smoothies are another great idea to bring nutrients into your life and who doesn’t love a smoothie? Make your own smoothie station in your very own kitchen with the Nutri Bullet. This piece of equipment has taken the world by storm and having the superfoods to hand is a great idea to create that satisfying and delicious smoothie.

Display those favourite cookery books on open shelving. Try out those inspiring recipes and start a new you in 2020!

Keep stocked up with beans, wholewheat pasta, coconut milk, wholegrain rice, spices, curry pastes, flours, quality tomato sauces and nut butter, they are great ideas to cook something up with the dry and tinned food and make for decent meals to carry on with your healthy living.

Quinoa has proven to be popular in most recent years, it’s a healthy choice and is used in lots of recipes. Keeping this stocked up in the kitchen as well as oats, barley and buckwheat are sure to provide you with some healthy meals. Keep these out and around the kitchen, so they can easily be sprinkled on to soups, salads, smoothies and dishes, as well as the perfect mid-afternoon snack.

Make sure you keep a bowl of fresh produce out on display, it will provide you with nutrients to hand and a bright, healthy and vibrant addition to the space. It will also stop your urges on unhealthy snacking and biting into a juicy apple instead. Bright fruits can certainly get your mouth watering, so arrange them in a fabulous fruit bowl, the kids will love it too!

A chalkboard display can help you to write your daily meals and recipes. Paint one wall as a feature wall in chalkboard paint and let the children be creative. A lot of families love this idea and we think this will create the perfect kitchen for you.

A herb garden is a smart money-saving solution and looks very pretty. You can choose your favourite herbs to have on your window sill and dress them in pretty pots that match your kitchen decor. Herbs will be at your fingertips to make your food taste so good. We love a good herb to hand because we love mixing up a baste for the roast lamb on a Sunday!

The colour of your kitchen does take effect on your cooking habits. A pretty blue can calm your junk food cravings take you to that lovely beach and an earthy green can remind you about those delicious vegetables. Try adding accessories such as pots, china and tea towels in these colours to add decoration and make it homely.

Wire up a sound system to play your favourite tunes. This is a great way to enjoy cooking and do the chores around the kitchen forgetting about your cravings for that biscuit. You will be singing and dancing in no time!

Additional modern gadgets are a great way to follow your cooking skills. Add a TV in the room to keep up with Mary Berry, Jamie Oliver and Gordon Ramsay. If you love a good recipe and want to find more exciting recipes, make an iPad station as part of your kitchen set-up.

Purchase a good fridge/freezer for your food. If you live a hectic lifestyle which most of us do, then eating good food all the time can be difficult. Cook in bulk, portion it out and freeze it, this will help you to maintain your healthy living lifestyle throughout the week and not slip up on a takeaway. You can also keep almonds in the freezer for a satisfying carbohydrate-protein combo, they have also been shown to reduce cholesterol levels.

Eat smaller portions for healthy eating, shrink the plate size and trick your mind into thinking you are eating a larger quantity. If you have the correct tools to create the perfect dish then this will make cooking more enjoyable. Match utensils with your personality and you will be on your way to an enjoyable experience, as well as a healthy living lifestyle.

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