A Practical Kitchen Design2 min read

The kitchen is no longer just the place to cook and wash up, there’s so much more to it nowadays. The flexible view they come with in modern times whether small or large, is now a place where our bodies are fuelled, laughs are had and memories are made with plenty of friends and family. It is still important that your kitchen can withstand the wear and tear of everyday life, so a practical kitchen design is key to meeting both function and style.

The design stage

When it comes to the design stage there is a lot to consider, even the kitchen layout. You need to make sure the space is suited to your family’s needs for example, an L-shape would work well in a smaller space, as it can provide an open-plan, spacious feel. However, if you have more of a narrow space, opt for a Galley shaped design, as this will maximise your surface space.

The materials

Another factor to consider when designing a practical kitchen space is the materials you choose. This is right from the flooring to the worktops, finding out what materials will work best for your home. Are you thinking about a low-maintenance, hard-wearing worktop? The worktop materials that are available on the market today no longer make you have to compromise between looks and practicality. Quartz worktops push boundaries of design whilst remaining long-lasting and easy to maintain, a porcelain surface and a granite surface also do this.

The worktops are used every day as it’s where you eat, prepare food, work and socialise, so having a counter that can withstand each day will ensure you can focus on the important things in life.

We work with many stone companies that produce high-quality, luxury worktops that withstand everyday life and are suited to the style of your home. There are so many innovative and sustainable designs to choose from that ensure your kitchen will have a timeless look and feel.

It’s clear to see that kitchens hold a lot of value from family time to cooking the meal, it is the heart of the home. Start planning your kitchen today with practical and beautiful solutions.

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