Achieving a Luxury Kitchen2 min read

What does luxury truly mean to you? Is it the thought of a luxury five-star, beach-front hotel with that beautiful infinity pool? Or maybe your luxury is something different. The meaning of luxury varies from person to person but the purpose is still the same, helping people escape. We all need escapism and something luxurious in life, and today this is being reflected in how we choose to adorn our homes.

How can you achieve the essence of luxury for your kitchen? Read our blog to find out more.

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Choosing an exquisite worktop and making a statement

The worktops are the core of the kitchen, beating through the design and expressing effortless elegance. There are many ranges of stone worktop surfaces available on the market from reputable and high-end companies who we love working with. Ranging from different colours, styles and patterns, Cawdor Stone can help you accomplish luxury in your new kitchen. Pop on down to our showroom where you can view a massive selection of samples and even take some home to help bring your vision to life.

Stone worktops available:

Selecting the right cabinetry

Updating your kitchen is simple with refreshing your cabinets. A shaker-style door is timeless and beautifully accompanies a more traditional-themed kitchen which can be painted to a more colourful choice. You could also update your cabinetry by switching your handles to oversized door pulls or in an alternative metallic to add character to your design.

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Don’t forget the flooring

The flooring is often an afterthought and this element of the kitchen does have an influence on the space. Elevate the room by adding stylish tiles or parquet patterning, there are so many choices on the market. You want to bring new energy to your luxury kitchen, so don’t forget about the flooring.

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Modern and stylish lighting

Choosing the lighting is just as important to your kitchen design as all the other elements. The kitchen wants to be brightly lit, this also transforms the space. Are you thinking of choosing a more unique, statement lighting option? Or a more decorative, subtle lamp? Each modern and stylish fitting will create a vibrant space that’s inspiring and uplifting. Decide on their placement, will they hang above the island? The higher up the walls you install the lights you will create an illusion of a taller ceiling, therefore larger space.

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