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Modern kitchens are a dream style offering both a practical and beautiful feeling that you can have a personal touch on. From the worktops, you choose to the cabinets, appliances and finishing touches, pair each element perfectly to create your dream space.

A contemporary style is quite the opposite of a traditional kitchen. Modern kitchens are designed with an open-plan space, minimalistic and a clutter-free area to entertain and relax in with guests as well as on your own. There are a few ways in achieving the desired look if you are redesigning a traditional kitchen or just refreshing the space.

Modern designs implemented in the kitchen will add value to any home. Not only is it a practical solution, but it also provides a stunning and seamless backdrop to mealtimes, family gatherings and relaxing in. Carefully selecting the texture, pattern and colour will ensure you achieve the perfect modern home and kitchen.

Subtle Colours

The use of a single colour is often found in modern kitchens as they create a lavish and clean space, focusing on just one hue rather than a range of colours. Modern spaces are typically minimalistic, using only splashes of colour to inject personality. However, the use of using a multi-colour palette can tend to make the space look busy and take you away from that clean, fresh look that you are creating.

More earthy natural colours such as sea blues, forest greens and different types of wood are particularly on trend this year, as well as hues of velvet and bronze making their way through the kitchen design.  These colours don’t have to take over the whole area, but cabinets hand-painted or a beautiful splashback can make a breathtaking feature.

To achieve a timeless space, white is the epitome of a modern kitchen design. It’s the perfect base colour to pair with any type of layout, pattern and texture, the simple colour white offers a light, bright and airy space.

Caesarstone’s 5143 White Attica is the perfect worktop to reflect the modern style. It is part of the Supernatural Collection, a fresh white with dark and mild grey veins diagonally exposed where the contrasting colour creates a statement.

The Right Textures

Planning the right textures and materials can truly transform a kitchen from dull to divine. Different metallics are stylish and practical solutions for contemporary spaces, not overpowering and keeping within the minimalistic style. You can choose the metallics on the appliances, handles and splashbacks, helping you introduce industrial elements to your space.

Looking over the years people have enjoyed utilising natural elements within their home, particularly in the hub of the home, the kitchen. Incorporating the outdoors in a modern kitchen with natural materials helps add to the contemporary style that your heart desires. Whether you decide to expose wooden features or style the space with flourishing plants, your kitchen will become a relaxing retreat, inspired by the natural world.

Caesarstone’s 5114 Calacatta Maximus instantly captures the eye with its polished finish, white background and bold copper and warm neutral accents.

Getting Creative With Patterns

Get creative using patterns in your contemporary design. Patterns can either be simple and sleek or slightly bold and daring depending on your personal preference. Veined quartz worktops are a beautiful way of adding a pattern, there are so many different ones on the market today.

Using industrial finishes such as natural wood and a minimal design can accentuate the clean lines of hand-painted bespoke cabinets. A great example is the 4044 Airy Concrete by Caesarstone – it adds a beautiful depth to a modern shaker kitchen. The deep texture within based on swirls of grey and white reflects the unique patinas of industrialised material.

Client Kitchen


Adding a pop of pattern to your modern style kitchen will bring you joy, whether it’s a geometric pattern or lighter or bolder ones, this will certainly add creativity to your contemporary retreat.


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