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Kitchens today are filled with many seating arrangements as they are a place for everyone to gather, whether it’s family time or a dinner party. Do you like traditional, standard or something that is a little out of your comfort zone? You want to be able to provide your home with the best seat in all corners, so in this blog, we will look at many types of seating to rest your legs in style.

Open-plan spaces are the thing of today and many homeowners opting for this type of room in their homes. Functional and comfortable seating is essential as you want to be able to sit on a comfortable seat after that huge meal you have just cooked, but you do need to think of a seating area that is ideal for eating and resting afterwards.

Integrated seating is a more relaxed way of sitting comfortably due to it looking and being comfy. If you are lucky to have a large room you could consider both a relaxed area for chilling and a table and chairs set up for entertaining. If you have a smaller area, built-in seating can be a space-saving solution also offering a streamlined design that goes with the rest of the kitchen.

You want to use your space wisely. If you are fortunate to have architectural features in your kitchen, this is a great opportunity to be creative with a modern seating plan. If you have a large kitchen, a popular idea is to run a banquette along the back of an island so the cabinetry forms as a backrest. You could always choose an L-shaped island that surrounds the seating area.

When it comes to planning the seating area you need to consider how many people you wish to seat around the table. The adequate space and that has been stated by experts is a minimum of 60cm per place setting. The knee height should be between 61-73cm.

If choosing an integrated seating idea, you want it to blend seamlessly within the rest of the kitchen. Don’t let it interrupt the kitchens design, colour lines and heights. Having an upholstered seating area will make it much cosier and create a snug seating area for evenings. Choose fabrics such as faux leather, washable suedes, heavy cotton and canvases, great for being resistant to stains etc.

A breakfast bar seating area is a popular choice and can look sleek and sophisticated when completed with luxurious bar stools. This type of seating area creates an easy place for eating and avoids the expense of a full kitchen table. Add pendant lighting above suspended from the ceiling to illuminate the fabulous space you have created.

Window seating creates an instant feature to the kitchen area and allows you to take in the views. Add some cushions and let that warm natural light in. It can also double up as extra storage if the benches have lift up lids.

Reduce the height of some of your cabinets turning them into a casual seating area with cushions and soft velvet throws, and use them as storage underneath. Perfect for the children or a coffee morning with friends.

Create an indent on the island so your stools can fit underneath. This allows for more space, seating, and you won’t have to worry about being able to seat everyone. Create a row with sleek bar stools that sit all in a row.

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