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Since the 1960s the word retro has been used. The retro style refers to new things that display characteristics of the past. For example, it focuses on products, fashion and artistic style that have been produced since the Industrial Revolution of Modernity.

Many of the designs that are produced nowadays are of a style from either the 1980s or 1990s. Lots of shops and factories are manufacturing quite a lot of retro style objects and they are becoming increasingly popular within a modern home today, like a new object but in an old style. Many different fashions and styles have changed and come back again to keep up with today’s trends.

With a retro-chic kitchen, an explosion of style is added to the home and can be created from vintage ideas that fit both large and small spaces. Your guests will be instantly wowed from the perfect ingredients that create the funky retro style we know and love. Retro ideas can be implemented in both contemporary and traditional kitchen designs. Primary colours are best suited, along with vintage decorations, elegant furniture and special light fixtures.

Retro art is a genre of pop art developed in the 40s and 50s. It was back when Andy Warhol created the “Campbell’s Soup”, which is a perfect piece for your hub of the home. Brighten up your breakfast bar with a piece of pop art hanging above or create a gallery wall behind the kitchen table. A white crisp wall is perfect for this.

Add a decorative light to delight anyone who enters and it will certainly add quirkiness to the kitchen space adding an ideal plan to finish your retro style. Hang pendant lighting above the breakfast bar or kitchen island for an instant glamour appeal, this will give you are perfect visual drama.

The 1950s were filled with turquoises and reds, with mustard yellow and avocado green being a popular choice in the 60s. Add these colours into the style and create the perfect trending #retro kitchen. Take a look back at each era and choose the perfect pinpointing colour to create the theme.

White, ivory and beige are good for the cabinets and add a pop of colour to the walls, floor and the accessories to make the features stand out and achieve the most exciting vintage look from the past.

Checkerboard floors will give you the feeling of an American diner. Black and white is the most common choice for adding class and style. Add bold red bar stools to the breakfast bar, milkshake machines and mixers on top of that wonderful quartz worktop for a truly retro vibe.

Appliances such as SMEG fridges are perfect. They are available in many different colours, styles and designs, from white to red, to striped to black and even a union jack. These popular and retro fridges will certainly add a pop of brightness to the kitchen design and look great next to stainless steel appliances.

Our client opted for Compac New Passion for their renovated kitchen space. They came back from America and decided to add an American retro style to their space. The bright red worktops are met with solid white cabinets. It’s a daring colour but it gives an instant glamour appeal. We love the choice of tiles too and the coloured utensils!

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