Bringing Autumn into the kitchen2 min read

Autumn is nearly here. The trees will begin to shed their leaves and the ground will slowly become covered in reds and ambers. Pumpkins will decorate our rooms, and yummy autumn recipes will hit our taste buds.

As this season is so near to the cold and dark season that’s known as winter, it’s hard to dislike this season because there are so many beautiful and wonderful shades with interesting textures.

Styling your kitchen for the Autumn months…

When changing the design scheme over from summer, a few colour changes and aesthetic displays will transform your kitchen into that cosy hub of the home with warmth and joy.

In a modern, contemporary space or an open-plan, you can add depth with different coloured flowers, cosy blankets and traditional furniture. There are numerous beautiful autumn flowers available with rich and deep colours to keep your space inviting and interesting.

Here at Cawdor Stone, we have many styles available of quartz and granite to fit perfectly within your autumn colour scheme.

We offer all the established quartz brands, which vary in colour and finish, such as Arena Stone, Caesarstone, Cambria, Cimstone, Compac, CRL Quartz, Silestone and Technistone.

Orange and Yellows Colour Palette

We know burnt oranges and warmed yellows are the colours that make up the all-time autumn classic colour palette. The warm tones of these remind us of cosy candlelit room and the glazed carrots on a Sunday roast.

Rich Red Colour Palette

Rich and earthy reds will welcome warmth to your kitchen space and is an extremely adaptable colour choice that will look great in any décor scheme. In a rustic country kitchen, it will charm the environment, and in a modern design, it will create a striking effect.

Nature Colour Palette

The signature colours of autumn tend to reflect shades of amber and earthy shades of the fallen leaves and bare top trees. Nature colours such as forest greens and deep turquoises are a great start to add something a little different this autumn. A soft berry red especially goes well with these colours.

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